70 Passengers on rhine cruise ship fall ill

70 passengers on Rhine cruise ship fall ill

Four people were taken to hospital, and the rest were treated on board by doctors and sanitation workers with medicines and infusions. Since it was initially unclear which pathogen had caused the diarrhea, the authorities had temporarily stopped the ship and placed it under quarantine.

According to a spokesman, however, the "MS bellriva" was later allowed to continue its journey to poland. According to the fire department, most of the passengers who fell ill were over 60 years old and therefore susceptible to infection. "The biggest danger with this infection is that you get dehydrated," a spokesman explained. A total of around 190 people were on board, including 145 passengers.

The emergency services arrived at midnight with a large contingent to care for the hotel guests who had fallen ill. The ship had made the headlines only this spring after it was grounded by a pilot near karlsruhe and almost sank.

Just this summer, 15 people fell ill on board a cruise ship that was sailing on the moselle near cochem. On a rhine cruise at the turn of the year 2010/11, 150 british tourists fell ill and were stranded near koblenz. In november 2008, a british vacation ship on the rhine off boppard was also under quarantine because at least 37 people had contracted the norovirus.

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