A bit like the wedding at kana

A bit like the wedding at kana

Even if the summer church fair cannot be held on the weihersbachgelande this year, an ecumenical service should still take place. The leaders of the two churches in herzogenaurach were in agreement.

The original plan was for pastor nina mutzlitz from the evangelical lutheran congregation and congregation leader bernhard keller from the catholic parish community to conduct the service. Mutzlitz’s colleague, pastor oliver schurrle, stepped in for the sick keller at short notice. He assured that the service would nevertheless be an ecumenical one. This was also reflected in the musical framework, which was provided by the band "spirit of life" of the josefsparrrei in niederndorf was performed.

Spread around the country

The ecumenical service was attended by a large number of believers, who were spread out on the land in a more spacious manner than in previous years, in order to comply with the required distance rules. Before the service, all the visitors had to register.

One of the songs chosen for the celebration was "like a celebration after a long mourning". It met the mood of the faithful after the long restrictions in the corona period.

With the gospel of the miracle of the wine of cana from the gospel of john, the clergy made the connection to our time: "the wedding of cana was not canceled because of corona, but rather because of bad planning, the wine was lacking!" The bible shows with this story what is important in life, you also have to celebrate with each other and it is also important to meet at the summer church fair.

After the service, the participants could still linger in good conversation on the cellars in the weihersbachgelande, which had opened.

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