A man-sized growth in the coburg district

A man-sized growth in the coburg district

Like the cyclamen, the clivia is one of the true classics in the assortment of indoor plants. When fully blossomed, stately specimens with several side shoots can form dozens of the individual flowers that appear in orange umbels. In its bleeding splendor it is certainly one of the gentlest of bleeding plants.

Perhaps the roughest in germany

Kurt and helga stenzel from ebersdorf care for what is probably one of the roughest examples in all of franconia, bavaria or even nationwide. If one sees the splendid specimen in the bright, cool winter garden next to fig, money tree and co. Cultivated, for the first time, one may hardly believe how stunningly coarse this plant can become, if only it is allowed to. An unfolded folding rule is not enough to measure the diameter of the mega-clivie. The beauty of it is that every year in early spring, to the delight of the stenzel family, it unleashes its blood fireworks. It seems to simply like being allowed to always stand in the same place, being regularly supplied with water via the saucer and otherwise simply being allowed to grow.

A sudafrican woman

One of the secrets of their abundance of blood is, of course, also the moderate temperatures in winter. In the past, temperatures of ten degrees or less prevailed in poorly heated rooms or hallways for many weeks or months. The change of cultivation with warm rooms all year round has been at the expense of the willingness to bleed, because at temperatures permanently above 20 degrees the clivia does not form bleeds.

A look at the home country of clivia minimata, south africa, makes this understandable. In the sudafrican winter, temperatures regularly drop below ten degrees, thereby suspending the dormancy of the established bleeding systems. Following the characteristics of the natural habitat, ornamental plant growers cultivate clivias for several weeks below 15 degrees celsius and thus deliberately induce the formation of bleeding.

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