Amazon introduces virtual currency “coins” in germany

Users of the e-book reader can, for example, buy apps and games with the currency. The artificial currency, which was already introduced in the USA in the summer, is to be available to customers as an additional payment option, for example in amazon’s app store. Games and apps paid for with coins are discounted by amazon by up to ten percent.

For app developers, paying with coins is another way to increase their sales, amazon said. In the U.S., developers have already seen a significant uptick in sales since the launch of the solution, he said. Coins are available to you free of charge. Developers continued to receive their share of 70 percent of the raffle tickets.

However, the advantage of artificial truths is controversial. In august, for example, microsoft had removed its "points" perk as part of a system upgrade to its xbox 360 gaming console. Since then, real money has again been used to pay for online content and movies from the stores on the xbox live platform. Industry observers buried the move at the time, saying direct payment would be easier and faster. Only users who do not have a credit card had benefited from it. Since then, microsoft offers them special credit cards.

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