An idea becomes an institution

An idea becomes an institution

For ten years, it has been the perfect way to get in the christmas spirit. A little pious, a little naughty and completely french. Karin bohm, walter vierrether and ralph hartner present stories about the christmas festival. Gerdi mengler is responsible for the high german part of the show. And the "erlacher" provide as always for the musical background.

Karin bohm still remembers the beginnings well. Ten years ago, uwe hanselmann of the "erlacher musikanten" asked her if she would like to read at the christmas party of the fubballers in erlach. Hanselmann was the coach of bohm’s daughter. Karin bohm agreed and took the idea with her to kitzingen. 29 listeners attended the premiere in 2008 – at that time still in the basement of the city hall. One year later there were already 70. The event moved to the city hall. While up to then it was mainly contemplative, with walter vierrether and ralph hartner from 2010 onwards, the somewhat more "angular" christmas stories were also added. A year later there were already 150 guests.

The readers changed with the years. Lothar fuchs was a loyal guest, and the queen of the gardeners and the queen of the landlords also made themselves available. Karin bohm remained the rock in the reading surf, the fixed component, the woman who made all the strings come together.

"We just hit a few kitzinger chunks with nei." Walter vierrether, dialect mixer

Since 2011, the proceeds have been donated to needy people or to organizations in the kitzingen area. In the meantime, a considerable amount of money has been raised. "The hall has always been full in recent years," says walter vierrether happily. After deducting all expenses, karin bohm was able to donate 750 euros to the animal shelter and half to the friedrich berbeck school last year.

In the meantime, the organizers are asking for a five-euro entrance fee. In the past, not everyone has responded to the call for voluntary donations. "This way we can make sure that everyone pays a small contribution," bohm says happily. This year, the "rappelkiste" and the after-school care center in marshall heights are to benefit from the donation.

And the stories? Don’t repeat them year after year? "We already have the ambition to dig up new stories every year," says walter vierrether. But that’s not easy, as karin bohm admits. In high german there are plenty of christmas stories, in french dialect the search is getting more and more difficult. Bohm is already combing through upper and middle franconian christmas books and "translating" them into lower franconian. Walter vierrether is his usual creative self: "we’ll just throw in a couple of kitzingen chunks."

"Cheeky-fruity" is not only well received by the guests. The initiators and readers have their own spab, as karin bohm admits. "I just like telling stories," she says. Even more so in dialect. "The french dialect must by no means be forgotten," she says as one of her goals. Walter vierrether makes sure of that, not only this evening, but also in his free time. "It’s good for the bubligum," he says with a wink. He himself enjoys the pre-christmas reading evenings very much – especially when the guests are visibly satisfied. "Somehow this evening is also a little christmas for us," he says, and karin bohm nods in agreement.

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