Bnd alleged to have spied on austria

Bnd alleged to have spied on austria

Austrian leaders demand comprehensive clarification from germany on revelations that the federal intelligence service (BND) systematically intercepted authorities and companies in the alpine republic over many years.

"The outmab of surveillance was an enormous one," chancellor sebastian kurz said on saturday. Federal president alexander van der bellen said: "spying among friendly states is not only unusual and undesirable, but is unacceptable."The two spoke at a joint press conference scheduled at short notice.

The BND is said to have systematically monitored the telecommunications of central institutions in austria between 1999 and 2006, the austrian news magazine "profil" and the viennese newspaper "der standard" reported on saturday. Based on internal BND files, it is clear that a total of 2,000 telephone, fax and mobile lines as well as e-mail addresses were targeted by the german intelligence service during this period.


Pension chairman to settle dispute over childcare allowance

pension chairman to settle dispute over childcare allowance

Bundestag faction leader volker kauder (CDU) said on monday: "we want women who gave birth to children before 1992 to have more pension insurance periods recognized for them."The CSU, which has insisted on the childcare allowance in the face of opposition from the CDU and FDP, signaled its approval. The FDP and the union economic wing reacted against it rejectingly. It is unclear how the billion-dollar project will be financed.

Chancellor angela merkel once again made it clear to critics, including those in the CDU, that she is sticking to the childcare allowance. "The care allowance will come in the summer of 2013," she told the bielefeld "westfalen-blatt" (tuesday). Merkel warned against placing parents under general suspicion. "Most parents, regardless of income, decide responsibly what is right and important for their children."

Kauder told the "suddeutsche zeitung" (monday) that in addition to the childcare allowance agreed by the coalition, there should be a new pension entitlement. So far, parents whose children were born before 1992 are worse off in terms of pensions than parents of younger children. The women’s union, which has been calling for an improvement for a long time, buried the objection. "We want to continue to close the equity gap for mothers in retirement," says chairwoman maria bohmer.


The gypsy moth worries igensdorf, trailsdorf, eggolsheim and hirschaid

The gypsy moth worries igensdorf, trailsdorf, eggolsheim and hirschaid

Oaks tolerate both drought and heat. "Ideal in times of climate change", according to forestry director michael kreppel, if it weren’t for the gypsy moth, a butterfly species whose caterpillars threaten to strip almost 160 hectares of deciduous forest bare.

The area affected is 85 hectares near seigendorf in the municipality of hirschaid, and 50 hectares in the "lohe" near bammersdorf, 16 hectares in trailsdorf, on the border to seubling and eight hectares in the municipality of igensdorf. In these areas, which cover a total area of almost 230 soccer fields, the pest was already active last summer.

In two days everything was bare

Forest owner georg hubert from eggolsheim, who enjoyed the lush green of his woods last spring, described the situation as follows: "when i looked into the woods from the road on christmas eve, it looked as if someone had switched on neon lights there. The young shoots of the beech trees of the undergrowth were completely eaten bare. Even the grass on the forest floor had disappeared." Two days later, the foliage of the treetops had also fallen victim to the caterpillars. The gypsy moth does not even like anything left over from the second shoots of the trees in the year.


Bayer’s permanent captain rolfes – hyypia: “important part”

Bayer's permanent captain rolfes - hyypia: 'important part'

Coaches came and went, but simon rolfes remained the captain at bayer leverkusen. In 2005, the then head coach michael skibbe appointed him team leader, and bruno labbadia and jupp heynckes also appreciated his role as a link and figurehead of the team.

"Simon is an important part of the team and a role model in training," said current bayer coach sami hyypia, praising the midfielder, who has been in top form for weeks now. "He shows what others should do."In all estimation, the primus inter pares does not enjoy any special rights or privileges with the finnish player, with whom he played for two years in the works team. At the beginning of the season he loved the now 31-year-old rolfes often stew on the bench and appear only for short appearances. "At the beginning, simon wasn’t happy, but he took his chance, is playing well and has earned his place in the team," hyypia said.

Like hyypia, who played ten years for liverpool and only ended his career at the age of 38, rolfes could become a perennial favorite. "He’s a good pro, keeps fit. That’s a good basis for a long career," said hyypia. In march, bayers "sechser" extended his contract until july 2015 – when he will be 33 years old.


Bamberg consumer center presents 2012 balance sheet

bamberg consumer center presents 2012 balance sheet

Although the number of rip-offs and subscription traps on the internet has declined significantly with the introduction of the so-called button lottery, shrewd businessmen have once again found the first loopholes to circumvent the law. This is one of the resumes that the bamberger verbraucherzentrale drew in its annual review of the year. "Since august of last year, online providers have had to clearly mark paid offers with an order button. But this law is only aimed at consumers, not at roughnecks," says consumer advisor, describes consumer advisor dorothea tetschlag.

Now there are operators who pretend to offer "favorable" rates only to business customers residual items for sale. No one needs to bring a proof of his trade. Often, as the consumer advisor describes, it is enough to give the wrong company or the company where you work. But those who get involved don't end up with a snapper, but with a bill for membership.

Tariffs cause headaches
Last year, there were also problems in the area of telecommunications. "Although the amendment to the telecommunications act brought about many changes in favor of consumers, it was still a persistent subject of complaints for us", recalls consumer advisor brigitte buttel. For example, inadequate information about rates, costs and technology, as well as incomprehensible and unclear contractual terms and conditions, caused a lot of customer frustration. On the positive side, a customer is now allowed to be without a telephone and internet connection for a maximum of one calendar day when changing providers.


Not only on duty at the kirchweih

Not only on duty at the kirchweih

They are especially active at the nenzenheim church fair – but there is always something going on during the year with the local boys from the iphof district as well. Which actually had to change the name to "boys and girls" since a few years, because the nenzenheimer tradition community pays meanwhile also female members in her rows.

At the annual general meeting in the old fire station, the organization of the traditional midsummer bonfire, which will be held on saturday, 22 june, was discussed. June, again "am stockig" in the direction of krassolzheim is rounded off. When the huge campfire crackles and the supply stands with barbecues and cold drinks are waiting, the members of the local fraternity, currently 45 strong, do not wear the characteristic dress of jeans, a woman’s shirt and a tyrolean hat, but come in civilian clothes.

The local boys’ clothing will come out of the closet again on the second weekend in october, when the kirchweih takes place in nenzenheim and the local boys participate in the sunday parade. On kirchweih friday – as was discussed at the meeting – a "kerwafete in a tent" is to be planned on the festival square. The tree setting up one wants to shift this year on saturday.


The pfistner couple is proud of 60 years of marriage

The pfistner couple is proud of 60 years of marriage

The effeltrich couple irene and hans pfistner are proud of 60 years of marriage together. They met in dobenreuth at a dance in the fire station.

The jubilarian was born in gosberg, her husband was born in effeltrich. Both spent their childhood and school years in their hometowns. While irene helped out on her parents’ farm, hans learned the trade of farmer on his parents’ farm.

On tuesday, 11. January 1958, they were installed in the parish church st. Georg effeltrich married by pastor georg jung. Irene, who is now 79, still remembers how the pastor used to pick her up at home and take her to church. "That was something very special at the time", she says.


Furth’s kickers set for sensation against bvb

Furth's kickers set for sensation against bvb

German soccer champions borussia dortmund, unbeaten in 20 league games, will not be held back by underdog blob on their way to berlin. "Dortmund is the mab of things in german fubball," furth coach mike buskens emphasized. "There, one player costs more than our entire team". And if we add the value of our stadium, we might end up with the market value of mario gotze," said the coach, who turned 44 on monday. As an ex-schalker with a lot of heart, he’s particularly hot against BVB’s "full rockets," as he called the first-league leaders: "if dortmunders offer us anything, we’ll be there!"

The hostility in the ruhrpott is also a rough topic at the cup match, two ex-schalkers want to argue the guests: buskens was 18 years gelsenkirchener, 12 years stormed furths winter addition gerald asamoah for the "konigsblauen". The 33-year-old has scored four times in four second-division games to date, and he has a very special history with BVB: in 2007, schalke was on the verge of the championship, played in dortmund – and asamoah announced that he wanted to run home to fub if they won the title.

But schalke lost, stuttgart became champions, and asamoah’s tears flowed. "It was always cool to play against ludenscheid. I didn’t think I’d get the chance to do it again," he told "kicker" – he didn’t want to mention the name dortmund. His mission: "first defeat ludenscheid, then win the cup and become champions!"


A bit like the wedding at kana

A bit like the wedding at kana

Even if the summer church fair cannot be held on the weihersbachgelande this year, an ecumenical service should still take place. The leaders of the two churches in herzogenaurach were in agreement.

The original plan was for pastor nina mutzlitz from the evangelical lutheran congregation and congregation leader bernhard keller from the catholic parish community to conduct the service. Mutzlitz’s colleague, pastor oliver schurrle, stepped in for the sick keller at short notice. He assured that the service would nevertheless be an ecumenical one. This was also reflected in the musical framework, which was provided by the band "spirit of life" of the josefsparrrei in niederndorf was performed.

Spread around the country

The ecumenical service was attended by a large number of believers, who were spread out on the land in a more spacious manner than in previous years, in order to comply with the required distance rules. Before the service, all the visitors had to register.


Bamberg sociology professor: “education and training are more worthwhile than ever”

Bamberg sociology professor:

At 28. Experts discuss the question of "master's or master's" at the university of bamberg in june? Educational paths in times of academic glut and shortage of skilled workers" (5 p.M., auditorium in the dominikanerstrabe). Hans-peter blossfeld, professor of sociology at the university of bamberg, will also be on the podium. The 64-year-old education researcher built up the national education panel (NEPS) in bamberg, published 35 books and more than 240 essays, and most recently, together with professor rolf becker of the university of berne, evaluated job entry and career processes over the last four decades.

Master or master, what do you advise?

Hans-peter blossfeld: you can't give general advice, because people are too different. I can only say this: in a study in which we looked at the long-term development of the career opportunities of people with different qualifications over the last 40 years, it was shown that the effort for education and training is worthwhile today more than ever before. There is a theory that the expansion of education brings more and more highly qualified people to the labor market, creating a surplus. In the scientific field, this thesis is called "education as a positional good" and means that whenever the number of applicants with a higher qualification increases, the yields of this education, i.E. The attainable income and the professional successes, decrease.