Park with a shady side

Park with a shady side

Partying until 4 a.M. Is the rule rather than the exception, especially during annafest, observes volker noffke. He lives at bambergerstrabe 30 and regularly spends restless hours in summer. Rousing youths at night, in the morning the park full of broken glass, food scraps and mull.
Noffke says he also speaks on behalf of many residents. They are afraid because of the "negative touch" of the young drivers the bamberger strabe is being granted.

Unjustifiably, as the businessman points out: restaurant and inn operators, business people and residents "all make sure that the street is tip-top". And also the park with the fountain and the herb snail contributes to the sparseness of the strabe. "But what good does it do if the city's public works department puts a lot of love into fixing up the park and then 40 to 50 young people come at night with boxes?, asks noffke.

The public order office "is aware of the problem", as klaus backer, the head of the local authority in charge, says: "there is always a party going on." The police were last informed two weeks ago, says backer; after all, he can't send someone from the "public order office" to check the park's bylaws."


Rio’s carnival ends with satire and social criticism

Rio's carnival ends with satire and social criticism

The world-famous carnival in rio de janeiro has come to an end with a parade of the best six sama schools. The dancers and musicians paraded through the sambodromo in the million metropolis on the sugar loaf for the last time on sunday night.

Carnival in rio was more political than ever this year. The samba schools’ performances denounced the widespread corruption and rampant violence in sudamerica’s most rugged country.

The second-place samba school "paraiso de tuiti" was led by a vampire who is supposed to represent brazil’s president michel temer. According to a report in the newspaper "O globo", the prasidialamt had asked that the "neoliberal vampire" not be allowed to play again in the samba temple after the official competition.