Dealing artfully with death

Dealing artfully with death

The impetus for the project came in the winter of last year. "Peter geisenhofer from the klein funeral home asked me if i could make an urn for him." An urn? This is something that habfurt artist barbara grohling has really not had to deal with in the past 30 years of her work.

But why not: the clay artist began to research and quickly discovered that artistic urns are in vogue all over the world – and cost quite a bit. The number of burnings is finally increasing all over germany. However, she does not want to and will not earn a lot of money with her urns. The pieces have been on display for several weeks in the window of the habfurt funeral home klein. Often passers-by stop in front of it and admire the filigree art – but no urn has been bought yet. Barbara grohling takes it calmly. She is interested above all in the artistic aspect. How to approach the topic in form and symbolism? "Kitsch is not mine. I like simple and clear forms", she explains. The female dove of peace is the ultimate in romance – a heart or a rose would be too kitschy for her.

Barbara grohling has – theoretically – found her favorite piece in a simple, square urn. "This is my home, she says – and laughs. Quite pragmatically, she explains that the urns were made of stoneware and were fired at a temperature of 1215 degrees celsius. So they are extremely durable and frost-resistant – works of art and final resting places for eternity.


In autumn the spring is on the horizon

In autumn the spring is on the horizon

The forest presents itself in a blaze of color these days. This variety of colors alone is an unmistakable sign of autumn, which is already in full swing. But with the falling of the leaves the next spring is already announced, as forester peter schmittnagel female. "Already in autumn you can see the new life on the branches. Next to the colored leaves, the small buds for the new leaves in the coming spring are already appearing. For me it is a miracle of nature", the nature lover emphasizes.
However, these buds are also a tasty morsel for many wild animals, which in many places can result in browsing by game, especially on young plants. "A whole year can be lost. Nothing will grow there for the time being,", describes schmittnagel the consequences. To prevent this, either a browsing repellent is applied or the plant is protected by a fence.

Nutrients are extracted

But why do the trees actually lose their leaves?? "In order to prepare for winter, the tree deprives the leaves of nutrients. He turns down his stofechsel, so to speak, to a low flame. The leaves change colors and fall off." The tree thereby reduces its basal area and adjusts to a kind of basic supply. In this phase, the total moisture content in the tree also decreases. "This is called the dormant period, when the deciduous trees are also cut down", explains schmittnagel. A typical example is the birch tree. "If you cut them in summer and want to use them for firewood, you can't get them dry anymore."


Mega rescue on saturday in the ice tunnel eierberge

mega rescue on saturday in the ice tunnel eierberge

There has never been such an exercise in the district of lichtenfels: on saturday, 23rd. September, around 500 firefighters and a further 150 rescue service personnel will train how to work together in a joint operation in the eierberge ICE tunnel.

Road traffic disruptions

The district administration, as the authority responsible for disaster control, has already pointed out that there may be disruptions to road traffic on this day due to the large number of emergency vehicles. District administrator christian meibner (CSU) has asked for understanding for the fact that there will be "a lot of remmidemmi" on saturday as the ubenden with "tatutata" and blue light will be on the way. Meibner emphasized: "we didn’t pick this out for ourselves!" Such an exercise under the most realistic conditions possible is mandatory for every tunnel in the zoning decision. It is a prerequisite for the opening of the ICE line, which is planned for december.

ICE expansion: from munich to berlin in under four hours – soon it will be ready
similar competitions had already taken place in the thuringian and coburg regions. The findings from the cooperation are important in order to be optimally positioned in the event of a possible emergency. The time window for next saturday’s rally was last mentioned as 9 a.M. To 2 p.M.


Heroic search for trainees

Heroic search for trainees

Whining does not help. Thorsten wahner female the. And that’s why he’s been steering against it for a little over a year now. The gerustbauer from sulzfeld wants to have trainees in the future as well – who will become satisfied employees.

The training market is being fought over. While large companies and businesses in the IT and automotive sectors, as well as public administrations, will continue to be able to fill their trainee positions, the situation is very different in some areas of the skilled trades. Vacancies remain unfilled, especially in the food trade, in construction and among installers. In the hotel and catering sector, the situation has been tense not only since corona. "Special recruitment methods are becoming increasingly important in times of scarce demand," says wolfgang albert of the agency for labor in wurzburg.

Special recruitment methods

The palette of measures ranges from monetary incentives such as cash bonuses for certain grades or the assumption of cell phone costs, to the provision of a company car, to image films that run primarily on the various social media channels. But hardly any other company in franconia could have responded to the critical training situation as comprehensively as eugen wahner gmbh in sulzfeld. With success.


Bavarialb grows again after shrinkage

bavarialb grows again after shrinkage

DKB, the online bank belonging to bayernlb, is doing particularly well, as its half-year results show. The group’s net profit rose by a good five percent over the same period last year to 452 million euros, while the balance sheet total also increased by a good five percent to 226 billion euros. The number of employees increased by two percent to 7377.

But the institute is still a long way from its former glory. Ten years ago, the bank and its subsidiaries employed 19 people worldwide, with total assets of 415 billion euros.000 people. The expansion course at that time was largely due to the ambition of prime minister edmund stoiber (CSU), who wanted to make munich an internationally important financial center.

After the almost bankruptcy in the course of the financial crisis, the EU had ordered the bank to halve. The grobbank dream is over, the current CEO johannes-jorg riegler is more modest in his goals than his predecessors. He wants to make bayernlb "one of the strongest regional banks in europe" in the medium term.


A nuchtern “everyone” in salzburg

A nuchtern 'everyone' in salzburg

By the evening, the continuous rain had stopped, but by then the decision had already been made. As in the previous year, the premiere of the revival of the salzburg festival’s long-running hit "jedermann" had to be moved from the romantic domplatz to the coarse festspielhaus.

Michael sturminger’s production, which for the first time does without old costumes and other historical elements, had an even more nutty effect than it already did. Nevertheless, the audience celebrated the directing and acting team around tobias moretti in the title role and stefanie reinsperger as the bogeyman with standing ovations.

Sturminger’s interpretation appears to be more stringent and even more radical than last year’s, after some changes. At that time, the austrian director had stepped in at short notice and, to everyone’s surprise, presented the first "jedermann" in the style of modern stage theater. For him, all the set pieces of max reinhardt’s legendary "jedermann" productions from the early days of the festival are just ironic ciphers.


Neubauer’s passionate fight against the death of the inns

neubauer's passionate fight against the death of the inns

In the disco it happened, of all places. Marion from the castell district of wustenfelden met friedhelm neubauer from wiesenbronn. Back then, almost 30 years ago, the course was set for marion’s future as a hostess in the "schwarzer adler" country hotel and wine inn put.

Following her apprenticeship as a butcher, marion trained to become a hotel manageress. "I never minded working weekends", says the 44 year old with a happy smile. "I love my job." But over the years, unfortunately, it has become harder rather than easier: "the death of the pub has its reasons."

Every third village in bavaria no longer has an economy. Tendency increasing. "A village guesthouse has a hard time today", explains marion neubauer. Go-cart parties, bar tables – everything that used to fill the rooms well is dying out. "15 or 20 years ago the pub culture was quite different." Just sitting together, talking, eating something "that doesn’t exist in that form anymore".


Youth as a showcase

youth as a showcase

The youth group shows the success of the campaign. However, among the adults it is becoming increasingly apparent "that it is becoming more and more difficult for us to participate in the missions", sturzberger stated. The reason for this is not only the conditions at the workplace. However, those who need help could not be held responsible for "these whims", he continued in his statement.
The reactions in the greetings showed that he had hit a nerve with many people. Mayor gotthard schlereth extols the virtues of the fire departments, which, however, also had to be questioned now and then. It is gratifying that the fire brigades in the market have grown closer together in recent years, which is also an advantage when it comes to operations, emphasized district fire chief thomas eyrich. Eyrich also paid tribute to the enthusiasm of the youth in oberthulba.
Commander reiner wanitschka described two fires as particularly sensitive, firstly the hall fire in hammelburger strabe and a garage fire. Thanks to the smooth operation, the flames were prevented from spreading to neighbors.
Youth representative sebastian baus was satisfied: "the 17 members are doing well at the moment." The youth not only participated actively in the exercises, but also in the organization of the easter market or the christmas bonfire. In the knowledge test and the radio training the new generation showed itself likewise from a high performance side. "For this year we have a lot of plans", according to the new youth spokesman tobias geis. With leon dotzel, jan henz, tobias hirschmann, jan lauster, janik and jonas nurnberger young talents were admitted. That there are no problems financially, confirmed cashier florian haas. He was pleased about generous donations, v.A. By armin and silke henz.


Thanks to the guardian association: a new trampoline for the playground

Thanks to the guardian association: a new trampoline for the playground

The expansion of the playground in baiersdorfer strabe was one of the topics discussed by the municipal council at its most recent meeting. A trampoline and a new water feature are to be purchased here.
"Last year, the gentian guardian association dissolved, the money went to the municipality. The guardian association wanted this to finance the trampoline", reports mayor ludwig nagel () pleased. Three bids were received for the match tickets. The most favorable of these, amounting to 10580 euros, was that of the company eibe from rottingen, which was then also commissioned by the town council to procure the equipment. The grant from the guardian association amounts to 4800 euros.
Since the previous contract with the company pato concept, which is responsible for the billposting in the municipality, has expired, the board had to decide "whether to renew the contract or whether to adopt a statute for it as other municipalities", said nagel.

Less work for the community

In addition, alexander kursawe of pato concept pointed out that they had taken care to remove illegal posters that were still hanging up until 2012. In addition, care will be taken to ensure that all billposting sites are traffic-safe. The advantage for the municipality of hemhofen is that an external service provider takes over both the office work and the billposting work, and the municipality does not have to do any work. "Another advantage is that the clubs in the municipality have a guaranteed free quota and it is favorable for medium-sized businesses to advertise", according to kursawe. "The free contingent for the hemhofen clubs also applies in other communities that we billpost."
The council unanimously agreed that mayor nagel should bring the contract to a conclusion. No by-laws were passed due to the high administrative expenditure.
Then the annual financial statement of the year 2016 was presented. In the year before last, the municipality invested approx. Three million euros. The audit committee found out that the costs for the sewer rehabilitation were higher than estimated. It was noted that during the rehabilitation of the sewer system, the citizens can also have their house connections inspected. The municipal council approved the annual financial statements.
For the property in the drosselstabe 17 an informal preliminary building application was submitted. Here, the applicant wanted to build a single-family house that would be erected outside the building limits specified in the development plan. In addition, the house is to have a hipped roof with a pitch of 22 degrees. The municipal council approved the application for a building permit, since houses with hipped roofs had already been built in the area of drosselstrabe.


Kreisklasse 4: wacker haig goes fully concentrated into derby against fc burggrub

Kreisklasse 4: wacker haig goes fully concentrated into derby against fc burggrub

After the 4:2 victory in the direct duel with the SG gundelsdorf/rreitsch, the top team SV gifting had already pulled six points clear of the chasing pack in district class 4. This work, however, was undone by the gifting team’s 2-1 defeat to SV steinwiesen last weekend. The gundelsdorfer and the FC wallenfels took advantage of this slip and shortened the gap again to three payers.

Steinwiesen faces another top team this week: the fifth-placed SG rothenkirchen/pressig. "I am curious to see if steinwiesen can also score there, after they have surprisingly defeated the table leader from gifting. I still think it will be enough for a narrow home victory for the SG", estimates bastian bar, the captain of FC wacker haig.

Bar and his teammates are in seventh place after 17 games with 28 points. After the third place in the previous season, this is a small step backwards in terms of the table. Nevertheless, haig is satisfied with the way the season has gone so far.