Bavarialb grows again after shrinkage

bavarialb grows again after shrinkage

DKB, the online bank belonging to bayernlb, is doing particularly well, as its half-year results show. The group’s net profit rose by a good five percent over the same period last year to 452 million euros, while the balance sheet total also increased by a good five percent to 226 billion euros. The number of employees increased by two percent to 7377.

But the institute is still a long way from its former glory. Ten years ago, the bank and its subsidiaries employed 19 people worldwide, with total assets of 415 billion euros.000 people. The expansion course at that time was largely due to the ambition of prime minister edmund stoiber (CSU), who wanted to make munich an internationally important financial center.

After the almost bankruptcy in the course of the financial crisis, the EU had ordered the bank to halve. The grobbank dream is over, the current CEO johannes-jorg riegler is more modest in his goals than his predecessors. He wants to make bayernlb "one of the strongest regional banks in europe" in the medium term.

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