Beekeepers and fruit growers together

The free voters' group in the state parliament and thorsten glauber, a member of the forchheim parliament, have held a debate on the topic of "protecting bees – strong agriculture" invited to the fruit information center of the district of forchheim in hiltpoltstein. Guests included the chairman of the district association of beekeepers, wolf-dietrich schrober, the deputy district chairman of the bavarian farmers' association, reinhard friedrich, and former district administrator reinhardt glauber.
Unofficial host and participant of the round was the district advisor for fruit growing and head of the fruit information center, hans schilling. The fruit cultivation of the region was the hanger of the evening.
"We need to communicate the commonalities of beekeepers and agriculture – especially fruit growing – more clearly again.", according to the press release of the glauber is sure "on both sides are actors who are at home in the same ecosystem and are dependent on each other for many reasons."


Many fruit farmers are also beekeepers and on many fruit plantations in the region you can find apiaries. Issues were raised such as the need to spray only outside honeybee flight times, or the sealing of flat areas and the resulting loss of farmland and habitat.
"The many part-time farmers and beekeepers perform a task for society as a whole and deserve every support, especially in our district with 85 percent part-time farming – the highest figure in bavaria," says matthias schrepfer, thorsten glauber summed up: "for many people, it's inconceivable to get back on the tractor after work or to take care of their bees. But it is only because of these fruit farmers and beekeepers that we have this unique cultivated land that attracts so many tourists." 

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