Billie jean king admires angela merkel

Billie jean king admires angela merkel

Tennis legend billie jean king admires angela merkel and sees the chancellor as a model of humanity.

"She is doing fantastic work, she is a great example of what women can achieve, how they can change the world. It would have been a dream to meet her one day," the 74-year-old, who campaigns for equal rights for women and men, told the "frankfurter allgemeine sonntagszeitung".

King, on the other hand, sees "a lot of negative things connected" with U.S. President donald trump, as she said. "The people who elected him want to revive the fifties. They must be thinking of the booming economy at this time, of all the new jobs that are being created. But of course, racism is also playing an increasingly large role in society."

Women’s tennis has been redefined from her point of view by steffi graf. "She was the first global superstar, her world fame brought us more sponsors, many of whom came from germany. Steffi was the X-factor," she said.

The movie "battle of the sexes," about the tennis duel between billie jean king and bobby riggs, has been in theaters since thursday.

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