Broadband internet now available for all of burkardroth

Broadband Internet now available for all of Burkardroth

A small step for mankind, but a huge step for every premicher, gefaller and stralsbacher: the broadband expansion is now also completed in their community parts. With the activation, bandwidths of 16 megabits per second (mbits/s) are now also available to you on the internet. This not only gives them a fast connection to the world wide web, but also to the standards that apply today.

With the completion of this construction phase, all parts of the market town of burkardroth are now connected and activated. Actually, broadband supply is not the task of the municipality, emphasized mayor waldemar bug (odp) at the official activation: "but we have committed ourselves so as not to be left behind."

330.000 euros this second construction phase cost, of which only 100.000 euro was demanded by the government of lower franconia. "The remainder has been left at the market burkardroth. The expiry of the requirement was also the reason why there were delays in the construction work. In fact, the opening ceremony was supposed to take place last winter. But waldfenster, katzenbach, lauter and oehrberg had to be completed and accounted for before the deadline expired.

Ruffling feathers for industry

Jurgen weigand, sales manager of HAB-net-DSL at stadtwerke hammelburg, the company that had won the tender, pointed out that all work had been completed for the time being with the functional upgrade. All the necessary routes have been laid and the links installed, including those to the telecommunications transmission systems. However, this is only the beginning of internet development, especially if the rural area is also to be made attractive for industrial settlements. The next goal, especially in view of industrial requirements, is an expansion to 50 mbit/s, which has resulted in the increased use of fiber optic cables. The technical conditions are already in place.

At the moment, more than 200 premicher, gefaller and stralsbacher internet users had to register until a capacity expansion became necessary. Even that, according to weigand, is not a problem. He had already received some registrations, which are to be activated in august and september. The prices were "at the lower level". At the moment when the investment costs of stadtwerke hammelburg had been amortized, a price reduction could be considered: "there is nothing to be said against it. The more that follow, the faster it goes."

Weigand pointed out a secondary aspect of the new system: telephone calls are now also made via the internet to the next exchange. Sound transmission now has ISDN quality.

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