Building here in the spring

Building here in the spring

It’s spring and so gradually the time of construction sites on the roads in the county begins again. Most of the current are still continuations from last year, some have been restarted. And even though the county’s own civil engineering department, the state construction office and the highway department have been relatively restrained so far this year with new tree removals, there will still be a number of construction sites on highways, federal, state and county roads in the county of bamberg in may and june. Here is an overview. 1

A 73: work on the gradual demolition of the old highway bridge near kemmern and the new construction over the future four-track railroad line has already been underway since the beginning of last year. There will be little impact on highway users as traffic will continue to run in two lanes in each direction. There is only a speed limit and narrowing of lanes. The obstructions are more severe on the main road that runs underneath, where a traffic light continues to regulate the half-lane closure. Construction work on the new bridge is expected to continue until the end of 2022. 2 A 70: construction work on the main crossing at oberhaid has been underway since april and is expected to continue until june. There will be a speed limit (currently 60 km/h), traffic will continue to run in two lanes in each direction during the day – at night, however, it will be narrowed to one lane. A full road closure is planned for the night of 23. On the 24. May planned. 3 B 22: the main bridge over the left branch of the regnitz river is located in the city of bamberg, but the planned rehabilitation will also have an impact on traffic in the district, as the section between munchner ring and debring is the busiest federal highway in the entire district. The state construction office has not yet given an exact date for the start of construction, but it has given a construction period until 2021. This is associated with partial closures, whereby the traffic flow is expected to be guided in a single lane via the respective two-lane opposite carriageway. 4 B 22: on the bundesstrabe 22 near monchsambach, temporary bypasses for the dilapidated bridges over the ebrachflut and mittelebrach rivers have been in place for some time. The structures are now to be renewed this year. Partial closure with temporary bypass remains in place.

5B 279: the renewal of the various bridge structures between breitengubbach and baunach will continue in 2020. Now it’s the turn of the bridge over the main south of baunach. As before, traffic will be routed via a temporary bypass during the partial closure. There is a speed limit.

6B 26: bundesstrabe 26 will also be renewed this year between viereth and trosdorf. This also includes a footpath and cycle path. The construction time is given as june/july.

7B 26: completion of the viereth through road draws nearer. According to the state construction office, the road surface is to be paved by june/july. The detour will take place during this time as before.

8st 2187: between tiefenpolz and oberleinleiter the state road has been closed on one side since april due to a landslide, the speed limit is 30 km/h. The boschungsrutsch and the strabenschaden caused by it are to be eliminated starting from summer. For the rehabilitation of the approximately 250 meter long section, a full closure is necessary. The detour will then be via teuchatz, burggrub and oberleinleiter.

9st 2191: the state highway between eichenhull and the county line is also to be rehabilitated this year. An exact date for this has not yet been given. 1 0st 2258: construction work has already been resumed for the renewal of the buch through road (near ebrach), which began in 2019. The completion should now take place this summer.

1 1BA 30: on the kreisstrabe between ludwag and kubelstein and between kubelstein and the B 22, the superstructure is being strengthened. In addition, the junction with the federal highway is to be reconstructed. The start of construction is planned by the district’s own civil engineering department for mid-july 2020. The entire stretch is just under three kilometers long. Completion is then scheduled for the end of september 2020.

1 2BA 33: the expansion of the circular road between treppendorf and oberkost over a length of about 1.8 kilometers was already resumed in march after the winter break. Work is to be completed by whitsun, but at the latest by mid-june. During the full closure, the road will be rerouted via burgebrach, unterneuses, hirschbrunn and oberkost. 1 3BA 50: the widening of the county road through elsendorf – with border sections through the town of schlusselfeld – began on 4. May started. Construction is taking place over a length of around 500 meters in two construction phases. The entire construction period is expected to extend until spring 2021. The detour runs from elsendorf via attelsdorf, gleissenberg, dutendorf, frimmersdorf, ailsbach and buchfeld. It is signposted in both directions.

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