A bit like the wedding at kana

A bit like the wedding at kana

Even if the summer church fair cannot be held on the weihersbachgelande this year, an ecumenical service should still take place. The leaders of the two churches in herzogenaurach were in agreement.

The original plan was for pastor nina mutzlitz from the evangelical lutheran congregation and congregation leader bernhard keller from the catholic parish community to conduct the service. Mutzlitz’s colleague, pastor oliver schurrle, stepped in for the sick keller at short notice. He assured that the service would nevertheless be an ecumenical one. This was also reflected in the musical framework, which was provided by the band "spirit of life" of the josefsparrrei in niederndorf was performed.

Spread around the country

The ecumenical service was attended by a large number of believers, who were spread out on the land in a more spacious manner than in previous years, in order to comply with the required distance rules. Before the service, all the visitors had to register.


Heroic search for trainees

Heroic search for trainees

Whining does not help. Thorsten wahner female the. And that’s why he’s been steering against it for a little over a year now. The gerustbauer from sulzfeld wants to have trainees in the future as well – who will become satisfied employees.

The training market is being fought over. While large companies and businesses in the IT and automotive sectors, as well as public administrations, will continue to be able to fill their trainee positions, the situation is very different in some areas of the skilled trades. Vacancies remain unfilled, especially in the food trade, in construction and among installers. In the hotel and catering sector, the situation has been tense not only since corona. "Special recruitment methods are becoming increasingly important in times of scarce demand," says wolfgang albert of the agency for labor in wurzburg.

Special recruitment methods

The palette of measures ranges from monetary incentives such as cash bonuses for certain grades or the assumption of cell phone costs, to the provision of a company car, to image films that run primarily on the various social media channels. But hardly any other company in franconia could have responded to the critical training situation as comprehensively as eugen wahner gmbh in sulzfeld. With success.


Vonovia grows in the crisis – rent brake takes effect

Vonovia grows in the crisis - rent brake takes effect

Germany’s largest housing company vonovia gets a taste of the rent brake. At 0.8 percent, the market-related increase in vonovia rents was one-third lower than in the previous year, said CEO rolf buch when presenting the company’s third-quarter figures.

"The political measures to lower rent increases are obviously having an effect," buch emphasized. However, the increase in rent due to modernization was 2.2 percent.

After the announcement of the 1. June 2015, landlords are allowed to charge no more than the local comparative rent plus ten percent. Most recently, politicians extended the period under consideration for the local comparative rent, and thus also for the rent index, from 4 to 6 years. This means that the rent cap is "only now beginning to take full effect," said buch. According to vonovia, the average monthly rent in germany at the end of september was 6.91 euros per square meter.


Youth hostels record significant decline in guest numbers in june

youth hostels record significant decline in guest numbers in june

The number of visitors to youth hostels and lodges has plummeted as a result of the corona crisis. In june, the accommodation facilities recorded about 83 percent fewer guests compared to the same month last year, according to the federal statistical office in wiesbaden.

A total of around 164,000 guest registrations had been made. In june 2019 it had been good 955 500. In june 2020, 1331 youth hostels and lodges were open nationwide, according to the information provided. That was almost 71 percent of the operations compared to the level of the previous year month.

The loss of revenue was reported to be higher than in the hotel industry. In june, youth hostels and lodges recorded a good 66 percent less revenue than in the same month last year, adjusted for prices. But the sales trend seems to have bottomed out.


Bavarian economy recovers

Bavarian companies regain hope after corona-induced crash in spring. The economic index of the bavarian chamber of industry and commerce has jumped from 81 to 107 points since may, as BIHK chief executive manfred gobl said in munich on tuesday. This means that the figure is only just below the long-term average.

"The bavarian economy has recovered faster than expected from the corona shock. More than two-thirds of the way back to the pre-crisis level has already been covered", said gobl. However, a full recovery to pre-crisis levels is not expected until 2022 at the earliest.

"The V is dead", he stressed, referring to the V-shaped recovery in which a steep drop is followed by an equally steep rise. "We now have half a V and are noticing a slackening of momentum." The ahnele of a mirrored root sign. In the meantime, 44 percent of companies expect their sales to remain roughly constant or even increase in the current year. However, seven percent also expect sales to fall by more than half. Dpa


Oncologists fear “bug wave” of too late diagnosed cancer cases

oncologists fear 'bug wave' of too late diagnosed cancer cases

Scientists and doctors warn of a "bug wave of late diagnosed cancer traps" in the corona crisis.

So far, cancer patients have not had to fear any threatening bottlenecks in care, but the crisis situation is having a noticeable impact, according to the german cancer research center (DKFZ), german cancer aid and the german cancer society. Whether the number of cancer cases could increase as a result, the experts love open for now.

Cancer treatment is basically assured even now, said gerd nettekoven, head of the german cancer aid foundation’s executive board. "But we now also recognize that the care system is under considerable stress and that the constraints imposed by the crisis situation can have a negative impact on cancer patients."