Cdu chairmanship: kramp-karrenbauer more popular than merz

cdu chairmanship: kramp-karrenbauer more popular than merz

According to a survey, annegret kramp-karrenbauer is significantly more popular among bundesburgers than her rival friedrich merz among the candidates for the future CDU presidency.

In a forsa survey for the RTL/n-tv "trendbarometer," 42 percent of respondents described the CDU secretary general as credible, 41 percent as likeable and 41 percent as down-to-earth. The former union faction leader scored only 15, 9 and 10 percent in the three categories. The third candidate, jens spahn, was not asked about because he was considered to have no chance of winning, as it turned out.

Kramp-karrenbauer is thus the more promising candidate for her party, according to forsa chief manfred gullner. "If the CDU wants to maintain or improve its chances of success in future election campaigns, it can hardly get past kramp-karrenbauer as the new party leader," he said. "She misses characteristics that are decisive for elections."

One in three (31 percent) find merz unpleasant – only 8 percent said the same about kramp-karrenbauer. Many also consider merz to be out of step with the times: only 8 percent think he is modern (kramp-karrenbauer: 17 percent), and one in four (25 percent) think merz represents yesterday’s values (kramp-karrenbauer: 16 percent).

However, voters have more confidence in merz in terms of leadership (44 percent, kramp-karrenbauer: 21 percent) and economic competence (63 percent, kramp-karrenbauer: 7 percent). When respondents were able to vote directly for their chancellor, however, kramp-karrenbauer came out on top: she beat both SPD leader andrea nahles and vice chancellor olaf scholz (SPD) in a direct election. Merz, on the other hand, was defeated by scholz.

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