Coburg “effect’s” write club history


466 points, this rating never existed in the entire effect"s history, it says in a press release. The u15 formation landed with its passionate and energetic performance of its show dance "messenger of fate on a fabulous third place at the qualifying tournament in naila. And this with the highest score ever achieved in a tournament and in an extremely strong field of starters. Even the reigning german champions love it behind them.

This achievement is to be valued all the more highly, as the team had to compensate for many sickness-related absences, it continues. And not only that, also the youth show dancers danced super synchronously and with phenomenal charisma, which brought them a grandiose first place. The motivated dancers of the junior show dance formation positioned themselves very well in their age group. They also had to do a lot of retraining and rearranging due to some sickness absences. Nevertheless, they beat the strong competitors of the buchnesia nurnberg and in the end became third.

Finally the qualification worked out

In the area of gardetanz there were further success messages. The youth guard scored 20 points more in naila than in lauda the previous weekend and finished sixth in a close race to qualify for the suddeutsch championship. The girls of the junior guard were very happy. For three years now, they have been trying to qualify for the southern german championship. And finally it worked out. The guards finished in fifth place and can now compete on the 23rd day of the competition. Marz in hof to compete in the suddeutsche championship for juniors.

Youth dance mariechen melina meibner, who achieved a great fourth place last saturday, was also allowed to attend the championships. The second youth dance girl, finia mathes, unfortunately fell down twice, but did her dance well and was allowed to perform the 13. Rank to call her own. Only fourth place this time for junior dancer sophia meibner, who could convince coaches and fans with a super performance and great stage presence. Unfortunately, the jury did not honor this with an appropriate rating, it says in the press release.

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