Dealing artfully with death

Dealing artfully with death

The impetus for the project came in the winter of last year. "Peter geisenhofer from the klein funeral home asked me if i could make an urn for him." An urn? This is something that habfurt artist barbara grohling has really not had to deal with in the past 30 years of her work.

But why not: the clay artist began to research and quickly discovered that artistic urns are in vogue all over the world – and cost quite a bit. The number of burnings is finally increasing all over germany. However, she does not want to and will not earn a lot of money with her urns. The pieces have been on display for several weeks in the window of the habfurt funeral home klein. Often passers-by stop in front of it and admire the filigree art – but no urn has been bought yet. Barbara grohling takes it calmly. She is interested above all in the artistic aspect. How to approach the topic in form and symbolism? "Kitsch is not mine. I like simple and clear forms", she explains. The female dove of peace is the ultimate in romance – a heart or a rose would be too kitschy for her.

Barbara grohling has – theoretically – found her favorite piece in a simple, square urn. "This is my home, she says – and laughs. Quite pragmatically, she explains that the urns were made of stoneware and were fired at a temperature of 1215 degrees celsius. So they are extremely durable and frost-resistant – works of art and final resting places for eternity.

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