Dogs inspire at the saaletal school hammelburg

dogs inspire at the saaletal school hammelburg

"Paw on it", six four-legged friends from the dog center of the same name in bad kissingen reliably made this promise during a visit to the saaletal school in hammelburg. Boss nicole trunk and her team accepted an invitation from the employees of the gfi society, who are responsible for looking after the open all-day class in the afternoon.

For about two hours, the schoolchildren listened intently to the explanations of the experienced dog trainer. They watched the dogs (from the magyar vizsla to the romanian spaniel) perform a variety of obedience exercises with great enthusiasm. This includes following commands or retrieving objects.

Also the one or other piece of art was given to the best. Personal contact with the animals was not neglected and all four-legged friends were allowed to be extensively stroked. The surprising conclusion for all participants was the entrance examination for the therapy dog training of goldendoodle marley and his owner ilka. To help impaired people, marley can retrieve objects, open or close doors, and press the emergency button if necessary.

All spectators were impressed by marley’s ability to help a person lying on the ground to stand up by propping him up on his back.As a thank you, the dogs were given a generous helping of treats.

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