Eltmann realschule students inspire the audience

Eltmann realschule students inspire the audience

The musical is scheduled to hit the stage in february. Already the first tasting made really desire on more, when one sang from the goddess of the wisdom, athene, "everything, which humans know, they know from her" or asked the question "why are we the way we are – and so very different". The pupils of the choir classes 6a and 6b under the direction of the music teachers gabriele sohmer and sebastian franz took the audience on a short journey into the mythological world.

Similarities to our own world are intentional: even on the olympus, the house is not in the right place and the children keep getting into trouble. "I'm a child, "i am smarter", "i am stronger" it echoed through the wolkenheim, which is why the godter parents zeus and hera organized the competition "the godter olympics" organized.

The gaze is fixed on christmas
Of course, the focus was now on christmas, which is why the brass band played "gloria in excelsis deo" and "joy to the world opened. The choir classes brought light into the darkness with the title "star over bethlehem" or the "song of the moon, who pointed out "i am the clock of the world, i am like a child, i am within reach and yet infinitely far, i make time."

The song by peter maffay from the musical "tabaluga" was particularly well received: "i never wanted to grow up, somewhere deep inside me, i remained a child"."

Fritz henrik from class 7c presented himself as a soloist on the flugel with bach's "praludium in C major" and the pupils sophia jager, anna-lena ebner, lena stretz, theresa may and anna-maria eichhorn loved with their "little drummer boy" and "a time has come for us" listen up. Also the soloists tamara beck, miriam zettelmeier, eva-maria werb and laura rumpel performed "oh tannenbaum" and "alle jahre wieder" and "every year again" not to forget the school band with "X-mas time" stieb.

The connivance of the classes
A whole row of groups showed dances. The 10d girls celina karg, selina welz, julia stapf and luisa stache surprised the audience with a choreography to "my time", sarah mederski, anna stappenbacher, tina zimmermann and slin hohn from the 8c with a "rock'n'roll and vanessa wachter, eva oppelt, alisa makorn, nadja ertner, johanna oppelt and alicia pfuhlmann from the 10c class performed dances.

A song of praise for the "gummibar was performed by the 6a choir class; the 6b showed "it's good", how you can create great sound even with long pipes.

The school choir brought the evening to a close with "christmas time" and "wonderful dreams. During the breaks the guests had a look at the products of the school company "filzburg" and the art department also offered a glimpse of school work.

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