Final stroke after 26 years: industrial area east developed

Final stroke after 26 years: industrial area east developed

Two women, six men, four scissors: the female-red ribbon didn’t stand a chance in the end; snap-snap, and it was cut.

Only dettelbach’s mayor christine konrad looked a little threatened, because her scissors, of all things, didn’t want to be used. But that didn’t dampen the positive mood that morning, as the symbolic act marked the end of a project that the city has been working on since 1993: the development of the dettelbach-ost industrial area. Because the "original development plan" dates from this year, as the mayor explained. "A project that lasted for decades has found a good conclusion", she said with some relief.

Praise for good cooperation

At the same time, the construction work for the final phase of the project was proceeding at a brisk pace. And this was probably due not least to the good cooperation between the city, the planning offices (plannasch / schneider& partner) and the exporting companies (feickert / richard schulz), which was praised several times at the inauguration ceremony. In february 2018, according to uwe kobner, head of the construction office, the design planning was available, in june 2018 the contract was awarded and one month later construction work began on the 3.5 million project.

According to konrad, the city was keen to make the planning process for the 12.5-hectare site flexible and adapt it to the needs of the companies that want to build there. The plots of land have already been allocated, for example to VS logistics or to the lindner company, which is already established in dettelbach ost.

Bats relocated

A special feature has arisen because the new access road runs along the forest. It was therefore necessary to choose the route of the road in such a way that an old oak tree, for example, would not be affected. However, this meant that a substantial retaining wall had to be erected on the opposite side to protect the road. The necessary felling work was also timed seasonally so that the bats living in the adjacent trees were not overly affected. In addition, some of the animals had to be relocated.

One important question still remains unanswered, but the city of dettelbach cannot solve it alone. It is about the access road to the industrial area from the old B 22, for which the road construction office is responsible. Here is still struggling for a good solution. Because a lot of traffic already runs through this neuralgic point: in order to alleviate the situation, according to kobner, a speed limit of 70 km/h was introduced on the old B 22. But this mabnahme alone will not be enough. The burgermeisterin assumes that an ampellosung comes. Konrad: "I hope that the construction work can begin next year. So far, the project has failed because of a privately owned plot of land that could not be acquired."

Only a few more inspections are needed before the final departure of the builders. In the next few days, according to kobner, the last foundation tests will be carried out, and at the beginning of next year, a powerful power supply will also be installed. With the planned reconstruction of the turnaround at the end of lange lange, the ring road will be passable through the industrial area.

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