Friends of the old town consider a citizens’ petition

Friends of the old town consider a citizens' petition

A meeting of the "altstadtfreunde" in the "munchner hofbrau" restaurant the main focus was on the further development of the ketschenanger site. The sale of part of the site to a private investor was approved by a large majority in the coburg city council. Plans to build a seven-story congress hotel at the site caused a stir among the population. "The friends of the old town firmly reject the sale of the angers to a private investor", stressed minier.

The friends of the old town support a motion of the city council couple wolf-rudiger benzel and martina benzel-weyh, which was proposed in the city council meeting on 23. May be treated. In it, the couple demanded that the "coburgs neuer suden" development plan be amended to revise. In addition, the city council decision should be revoked, according to which a part of the angers is sold.

If the city council should reject the application of the benzel-wey couple, christa minier, the chairwoman of the altstadtfreunde, announced a citizen petition. "We couldn't let ourselves be led around by the nose for much longer," emphasized, she said.

City is not a hotelier

Like the phoenix from the ashes, says city councilor angela platsch (grune), the investor has emerged. However, she also pointed out that sales matters are always decided in closed sessions, otherwise the bylaws would have to be changed. Platsch does not consider the construction of a hotel to be part of the municipality's remit. With this statement, she reacted to the question of christa minier, why the rich city of coburg does not build a hotel itself or lease it out. The sale of the partial piece of the angers is only then in dry cloths, if the thing is notarially settled and that is not yet the case, so platsch. A need is in any case there, so many coburg entrepreneurs were their meetings in bamberg, because in coburg capacities were missing.

The discussion turned to the further design of the former guterbahnhof. Auwi stubbe, chairman of the coburg upper franconia design forum, does not consider a hotel at this location to be appropriate. On the one hand, the site is too small and a hotel at this location would take away the charm and the view of the planned globe. A subsequent use of the globe has already been secured by the society of music lovers, said its chairman joachim ruckert.

Finally, the old town friends demanded that the globe, guterbahnhof, areal am anger, kongresshaus and former spindlervilla be included in an overall plan.

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