Gottschalk gets literature show on br television

Gottschalk gets literature show on br television

Thomas gottschalk gets a literature show on bayerischer rundfunk television. He is supposed to talk to guests four times a year about their new publications and other cultural topics.

"It’s about a new approach to the subject of literature and about making books accessible to a wider audience," said the intendant of bayerischer rundfunk , ulrich wilhelm, in an interview with the deutsche presse-agentur in munich. It is to start in the spring.

Gottschalk (68) began his career as a radio and television presenter in the 1970s at the BR radio station. "I have experienced that thomas gottschalk has unchanged radiance and can take people with him," said wilhelm. "Since the beginning of 2017, he has been presenting the major hits of rock and pop history every month for three hours in his ‘radio show’ on our radio program bayern 1, and has thus enjoyed a rough programming success."

According to BR, gottschalk himself referred to his studies as a teacher and said: "most people have an app for reading nowadays ? I have at least three semesters of germanistik." And with regard to the loss of his house in california recently as a result of the forest fire, he said: "even if nobody believes me: before they both burned, my bookcase was coarser than my closet. What I wore is gone – what I read is not!"

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