Hundreds took part in the procession of the swedes

Hundreds took part in the procession of the Swedes

Because of their brave efforts, the women of kronach were allowed to lead the way in the sweden procession. This image was first used in the first procession of the swedes in 1634 – and again on this sunday, for the 378th time. Times.

Before that, regional dean thomas teuchgraber celebrated the eucharist in the city parish church. This year, too, the processional route and many houses were decorated with flags, rich floral decorations, candles and sacred motifs. But not only were they festively adorned, but especially the four main altars. For many decades, these have been designed by various associations, full of ideas and with great attention to detail. For the first altar the catholic youth was responsible. At the war memorial at the fub of the fortress, young people addressed prejudices they were confronted with today.

The second altar station on the "bastion maximilian has been decorated for many years by the kronach kolping family. This year, the 150th anniversary of the kolping family, which was roughly celebrated in 2011, was the topic of discussion. Since 1982, the KAB has decorated the third altar at the linden tree and laid a magnificent carpet of flowers every year. This year, it was decorated with a picture of an open window, inviting people to look out into the world.

Afterwards the way led from the fortress back to the melchior-otto-place. Action 365 had an altar there on the theme of "daring a new departure" built. City parish priest teuchgraber thanked all participants and responsible persons who contributed to the success of the procession.

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