In summer to the saale beach in bad bockelt

In summer to the saale beach in bad bockelt

The aim is to remove 300 meters of the saale river and its surroundings from a "mabig okologischen" (ecological) river in a "very good ecological condition" in the summer of 2018, the goal was to bring the water management office to the site when it began earthworks. Previously, the structure of the water, the water quality and the habitats of possible river dwellers had been studied in detail. The experts were interested in which species are actually found there.

Construction work was completed by the end of november, says department head birgit imhof of the water management office in response to an inquiry. In the spring, seeds are spread on the banks that were not applied in the fall because of the previous drought.

Putting up a bench

As far as the planting of shrubs and plants is concerned, the spa nursery is responsible above all for the section of the old arm of the saale, which is now walled in. In addition, a few benches still need to be installed.

Last fall, when excavators and construction vehicles were working on and in the saale, many a walker stopped and guessed what was being built on this stretch of the river. When it became apparent that a kind of water experience area would be created there, the spa guests reacted positively, says imhof. "The place is an enrichment for the spa park."

The main aim of the removal of the m was to design the banks in such a way that the river would once again flow more evenly. According to the experts, the dynamics of the river saale were centered from the east to the center. Stone groynes now provide more peace and quiet on the shore. Flattening towards the meadow gives guests the opportunity to stay there comfortably. Now it just needs to get a little greener. Then you can imagine rolling up your trouser legs in hot weather and holding your fube in the water.

Taking ecology into account

The new experience area in the saale is filled with gravel. When the water level is low in the summer, not only the rough and tumble can enjoy this idyllic spot.

Children are also allowed to splash around in the shore area, of course under the supervision of their parents, says imhof. "There is then a very shallow fall, and demarcations are given."

Mayor andreas sandwall considers the expansion of the saale to be important in two respects. On the one hand, the ecology of the water is taken into account, on the other hand, the new experience area on the water represents an enrichment for foreign traffic.

Concert in the open

"We also have a few additional ideas for this area", says sandwall, but at the same time makes it clear that all this must first be agreed with the owner freestate. "Maybe we’ll put up a few more playground equipment", he gives an example.

However, they had to be flood-proof, because the spa park is sometimes far under water. But the mayor could also imagine a small concert in the open air at this secluded corner of the spa park.Isolde krapf

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