Kreisliga: tsv weibenbrunn snatches point from leaders jura arnstein

Kreisliga: tsv weibenbrunn snatches point from leaders jura arnstein

DJK-SV neufang took advantage of SC jura arnstein’s slip-up in the district league and is now within two points of the leaders. With a win in the catch-up game at the SCW obermain next saturday, the neufanger could overwinter on place 1.

The FC mitwitz II could win with a three on the coming sunday in the catch-up game at the FC wallenfels on the relegation place uberwintern. The promoted team suffered a heavy 7-2 defeat in lichtenfels on sunday. TSV ludwigsstadt won the basement duel against vfr johannisthal. Vfr johannisthal – TSV ludwigsstadt 0:2 (0:1)

In the sixth minute, vfr player greser heads the ball out of the sixteenth minute. TSV player-coach pfeiffer took the ball directly and finished unstoppably to make it 0:1. Ten turns of the pointer later the first action of the landlords. A dangerous freistob of greser verlangerte sachs, but keeper sieber was on the post. Vfr-stormers kraus led the play by head beautifully into the run of gaertig. This one also failed against sieber (26).). On the opposite side, a conclusion by waecker. Mayer made a safe save (27.). Shortly before half time a good chance again for waecker. However, he set his sights too high (40.).

After the change, the game became more combative from both sides. Johannisthal changed due to the result and played much more offensive. More effective, however, acted the guests in the person of frunske. After a long throw-in, hartfil accidentally dropped the ball in front of the goalkeeper (0:2/59).). The relegation-threatened hosts could not find a way to crack the defense. When the local hofmann was laid out by sieber, the spectators demanded the red card because the goalkeeper was the last man standing. Referee stelzner gave however only yellow (75.). Earlier, pfeiffer had been given a yellow card for hitting the ball out of the way. Then a strong freistob by hofmann, but sieber even better (80.). Fischbach then almost with the decision. His lob landed above the house (85.). Mb goals: 0:1 pfeiffer (6.), 0:2 frunske (59.) / ref: lisa stelzner (TSV heldritt). FC mitwitz II – SV friesen II 1:1 (1:0)

The guests took the initiative from the start and, driven by the strong performance of fugmann, pressed for the lead. The hosts defended well and put everything on the line to keep their clean sheet. Offensively, the steinachtaler acted with long balls, which mostly landed with the opponent or fizzled out in the no man’s land. In the 21. Minute went the mitwitzer by a curious eigentor in the lead. A friesener wanted to pass the ball back to the goalkeeper, who was apparently not sure what to do with the ball and so the ball bounced past him into the goal. Until the break, the friesener had several chances to equalize, but the flawlessly acting goalkeeper ari negated them.

After the break, the guests increased the pressure and scored in the 57th minute. Minute by fugmann with an unstoppable shot from the edge of the penalty area to equalize. Only six minutes later, ari saved a penalty kick by daumann. The best chance for the winning goal for friesen had bauer in the 69th minute. Minute, when he semmelte a good pass from daumann from five meters with a direct shot next to the goal. So it remained at the draw, which was not even undeserved due to the fighting performance of the hosts. Wei goals: 1:0 own goal (21.), 1:1 fugmann (57.) / SR: christian deuber (spvgg isling). SV W’/neuengrun – SCW obermain 1:4 (0:2)

The "wolfe" offered their fans the worst performance of the season. In the first half, there was only one attack in the direction of the opponent’s goal, and this was right from the start. After that, the guest was made strong by continuous misfits and unnecessary fouls. A free kick that bounced off the inside post into the net gave SCWO a 0:1 lead. Only a few minutes later, a guest player crossed after a serious defensive error to the inside and al lami only had to hold the fub to 0:2.

In the second half you saw from the hosts not much. In the 52. In the second minute was a beautiful input ubers hunted home. After that, the guest was again present and al lami raised again after a defensive error. Only a short time later bilek was already released and shortened. But only two minutes later al lami again made the final result after another blunder in the home defense. The wolfe keeper, the best player of the home team, prevented an even higher defeat. Gb goals: 0:1 friedlein (12.), 0:2 al lami (19.), 0:3 al lami (71.), 1:3 bilek (76.), 1:4 al lami (78.) / ref: andreas wagner (selb). SC jura arnstein – TSV weibenbrunn 1:1 (1:0)

The juraboys dominated the opponent for almost 90 minutes, but they failed to take advantage of the best opportunities. After only a few minutes, raab and hopfenmuller had the opportunity to make it 1:0, but failed to hit the ball properly from ten meters away. The TSV players were not much except for a long shot. After half an hour, freitag set the pattern for reh, who was taken off his feet when he shot in. The falligen penalty converted freitag to 1:0. When pfreundner had to leave the field with red, arnstein had to decide the game early, but hopfenmuller, will and freitag either failed at the TSV-keeper or put the ball over the goal. Two minutes after the restart, the guests took their only chance with a corner ball, which alexander jorg headed in from five meters. In the following period, arnstein played a one-way street ball on the guest goal and had another three high-caliber, but betz from the closest missed recklessly. Wr goals: 1:0 freitag (25./FE), 1:1 A. Jorg (47.) / ref: thomas fuchsstadt. FC stockheim – spvgg lettenreuth 1:2 (0:1)

Flushed with two clear victories from the previous weeks, the mountain people started furiously. Jungkunz, ramming and wittmann had three goal-dangerous actions, whereby ramming, standing alone in front of goalkeeper kaya, was robbed of a great chance due to an unfortunate non-advantage interpretation. Instead, a free kick from 20 meters was awarded to rene schubart at the post. In the middle of the first half lettenreuth became stronger. The stockheim keeper fleischmann prevented the lead on two rough chances. In the 33. Minute eberth provided after a counterattack for the 0:1. FC stockheim was still more than even, but missed three more good chances until the break.

The second half was less spectacular. Lettenreuth had two early chances and then managed the narrow lead with great cleverness. The home side now hardly came forward dangerously. As a hole in the 80. In the 89th minute with all his class to 0:2 increased, it was again a late wake-up call for stockheim: hanke failed only narrowly and wittmann shortened to 1:2. But with their maturity and experience, the guests survived the eight-minute injury time. Ds goals: 0:1 eberth (33.), 0:2 beloch (80.), 1:2 wittmann (89.) / ref: reiner rauh (zedtwitz).

DJK lichtenfels – FC wallenfels 7:2 (6:1)

A fireworks burned the djkler in the first 20 minutes against completely overwhelmed wallenfelser off. In splendid playing mood showed themselves the respective double-goal scorers bozkaya (11./15.) and koch (3./13.) to the 4:0. Demirel increased shortly thereafter by penalty to 5:0 (17.). Now the hosts switched down a gear, so that the fcler could also participate offensively in the game. This used zeitler with a low shot from the penalty area to 5:1. Shortly before the break bozkaya restored the old gap.

In halfte 2 the game flattened and it took until 70. Minute, until bozkaya struck for the fourth time (7:1). The never giving up gaste shortened by zwosta to 7:2, before shortly before the end kohlmann fails to DJK keeper surenthiran from the penalty spot. Jk goals: 1:0 koch (3.), 2:0 bozkaya (11.), 3:0 koch (13.), 4:0 bozkaya (15.), 5:0 demirel (17./FE). 5:1 zeitler, 6:1 bozkaya, 7:1 bozkaya (70.), 7:2 zwosta / ref: stefan schmitt. FC lichtenfels II – FC marktgraitz 1:0 (0:0)

From the beginning, the korbstadt team had an optical superiority. The first real chance had the guests, but fojer aimed after a good half hour too high. Now the actions of the home team became more compelling. After zollnhofer in the 40. After only hitting the post in the first minute, the decisive goal was scored shortly before the break. A careful attack via zollnhofer and fischer completed schunke to 1:0.

After the change of sides the lichtenfelser missed it to extend the lead. David lauterbach in the goal of the gaste kept his colors in the game. Nec goals: 1:0 schunke (42.) / SR: yannik wolf.

FC burgkunstadt – DJK-SV neufang 1:2 (0:1) a turbulent final phase saw the 70 spectators in burgkunstadt. The table runners-up from neufang went down in the 13. Minute by bastian hader in the lead. The relegation-threatened burgkunstadt kept their goal clean in the following period. The equalizer for the home team scored five minutes before the final whistle sebastian hiller on a penalty kick. But the neufanger pulled in injury time still the head from the noose. Per foulefmeter scored tobias fortschbeck the winning goal for the djkler, which can now climb with a win next week in the catch-up game at the SCW obermain to the winter break still on rank 1. Red goals: 0:1 hader (13.), 1:1 hiller (85./FE), 1:2 fortschbeck (90./FE) / SR: veit kimmel.

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