Landrat: black to run for spd in 2020

Landrat: black to run for spd in 2020

In eight weeks and two voting events, mdb andreas schwarz emerged as the person who should run as the SPD’s candidate for district administrator in 2020 and, of course, best of all, become the district administrator. An innovative procedure with a quartet of four candidates had been approved by the members of the different local associations. At two election events – in stegaurach and hallstadt – the candidates presented themselves and stood for election. The votes cast remained in the sealed ballot box until monday afternoon.

SPD sub-district honorary chairman hans de witt was then in charge of opening the ballot box at the SPD party office in bamberg, counting the votes together with district councilor and moderator wolfgang heyder, and then announcing the results: of 97 votes cast, andreas schwarz received 47, gundelsheim mayor jonas merzbacher received 32. The members are at the final lineup on 27. May be free in their decision, but all three other candidates, besides merzbacher these are oberhaid’s mayor carsten joneitis and schlusselfeld’s second mayor patrizia hanika, do not want to stand for election according to the agreement.

All four candidates want to run together as a team and now support black to the best of their abilities. A detailed report on the vote can be found in the premium section of our site

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