Learning to accept old age

Learning to accept old age

Theresa schiffl at least people think about steps in the city or in shops like the butcher’s, water gutters, steps on pedestrian paths or cobblestones. For seniors, wheelchair users, but also mothers with small children or strollers, this can lead to challenges in everyday life.

The woman also 76-year-old edith hofer. "Especially the small cobblestones are a problem. It shakes the whole body", she says, laughing as she pushes her walker over the bumpy pavement.

Living alone too dangerous

Two years ago she moved into a retirement home because she suffers from severe vertigo. During one of these dizzy spells, she fell and was hospitalized for a few weeks afterwards. The doctors then said that it was too dangerous for the senior citizen to continue living alone. She herself also feels safest when she is accompanied.

"I’ve had these health problems for nine years, so at least I can tell someone when I get dizzy", she explains. She still showers and washes herself, but one of the nurses is always there to give the elderly lady a feeling of security.

"After my fall, i moved to the vitanas senioren centrum st. Anna came and after two weeks I said that I wanted to stay here", says the senior and seems very happy with her decision. She did not want to be a burden to her children. "Here I am well taken care of and very happy.", she says.

Changeover was very difficult

She has worked all her life, since she was 14 years old, and has also been very athletic. "In argentina, where i’m actually from, i played handball and volleyball", she says.

In germany, she went for a lot of walks. "At some point I got a watch with a step counter and then I made sure I could do 10,000 steps a day." First she did her housework, then she had lunch and after that she went for a walk.

For the older lady it was very difficult when she could no longer do some things herself, like cleaning the bathroom. "I didn’t want one of my daughters to have to do that, too."

Hofer tries to retain as much independence as possible. "I have worked all my life, done my housework, and raised my children. I still dust in my room or make my bed myself." A rolling stone gathers no moss. The senior also agrees with this proverb.

Self-reliance very important

Hofner still does smaller jobs in the city himself. "If I have to go to the bank, get a special loaf of bread from the baker, or do something at the town hall, then I go alone without an escort."

She takes little breaks and watches the people and what is happening in the city. Even at home, she always looks for activities and joins in with bingo or gymnastics, for example. "Exercise is good for my body and I also get physiotherapy." In the retirement home st. Anna does a lot for the residents, says hofner.

"We have concerts, parties and outings." However, she is reluctant to take part in the trips, as she does not feel comfortable in this situation with the rollator. "Often it’s trips to the water and I don’t really trust that", she says. She prefers to make herself comfortable at home. The senior has settled in well and has also been a member of the home advisory board since last year. "You just have to accept your age", says edith hofner. "I was healthy until 70 and for that I am very grateful."

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