Mega rescue on saturday in the ice tunnel eierberge

mega rescue on saturday in the ice tunnel eierberge

There has never been such an exercise in the district of lichtenfels: on saturday, 23rd. September, around 500 firefighters and a further 150 rescue service personnel will train how to work together in a joint operation in the eierberge ICE tunnel.

Road traffic disruptions

The district administration, as the authority responsible for disaster control, has already pointed out that there may be disruptions to road traffic on this day due to the large number of emergency vehicles. District administrator christian meibner (CSU) has asked for understanding for the fact that there will be "a lot of remmidemmi" on saturday as the ubenden with "tatutata" and blue light will be on the way. Meibner emphasized: "we didn’t pick this out for ourselves!" Such an exercise under the most realistic conditions possible is mandatory for every tunnel in the zoning decision. It is a prerequisite for the opening of the ICE line, which is planned for december.

ICE expansion: from munich to berlin in under four hours – soon it will be ready
similar competitions had already taken place in the thuringian and coburg regions. The findings from the cooperation are important in order to be optimally positioned in the event of a possible emergency. The time window for next saturday’s rally was last mentioned as 9 a.M. To 2 p.M.

On the bavarian side, the eierberge tunnel is the longest on the new ICE line in the direction of erfurt. It measures 3756 meters. In addition to the two tunnel portals, there is access via a drivable tunnel and two accessible rescue shafts.
Because the standard breathing apparatus is not sufficient for a rescue operation in the tunnel, the railroad has purchased 33 so-called long-term breathing apparatus for the local fire departments for deployment times of up to 90 minutes, as well as fire escape hoods and other equipment.

In total, there are three tunnels on the new line in the district of lichtenfels. It is planned that around 160 freight trains and 16 ices will travel over the new tracks every day.

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