Much more than just a store

Much more than just a store

There probably wouldn’t have been a grocery store in stammbach if the community had resigned itself to the closure of the diska store almost ten years ago. After the former supermarket was closed, the municipality bought the building, renovated it to make it more energy-efficient, created a lounge area and made the entire store barrier-free. This created the conditions for diakonie hochfranken to get involved and install the so-called cap market system there. In the meantime, the cap market has also become a meeting place and thus a piece of quality of life in stammbach, which the parliamentary state secretary to the federal minister for labor and social affairs, anette kramme (SPD) from bayreuth, paid a visit to over the weekend.

However, in the system of about 110 CAP centers throughout germany, the stammbach case is an exotic one, as michael bursian explained to the secretary of state. Bursian is the training coordinator of the vocational training center of the "diakonie am campus" in hof. "Cap" stands for handicap: people with disabilities also work in the market; to be more precise: they receive training in the commercial or food sector there.

Currently, there are five first-year and one second-year apprentice who, in addition to the general store business, are taken care of by elisabeth gruner and her (non-disabled) employees. The training places are required for school leavers who, despite a mental or psychological deficit, are capable of training but need special guidance. "First and foremost, patience, says store manager gruner.

The learning objective is nevertheless no different from that for the non-disabled. The apprentices are not just assigned to stock shelves, but undergo the entire retail training program, including vocational school. From merchandise planning to the cash register. However, they will continue to be cared for for at least six months after completion of training. They are helped to find work, for which the diakonie also maintains close contacts with the employment agency and the job center.

The town of stammbach, which retains a shopping market, benefits from this special training situation. "Purely economically and without this background, the store would probably not be profitable", michael bursian is a. Although prices are at supermarket level and special services are offered. In addition to the post office, for example, the store offers a home delivery service, accompanied shopping and barrier-free access. "This would not have been possible without voluntary work", according to manuela bierbaum, managing director of diakonie hof.

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