New tensions in the east china sea

New tensions in the east china sea

China’s air force is on "high alert" to act decisively against any threat, the spokesman for the euphoria ministry in peking reported. Chinese state media sharpened the tone against japan, talking of a possible cold war and a long confrontation with its neighbor.

Two american and ten japanese military aircraft were identified and observed during the air operations on friday morning, air force spokesman shen jinke reported, according to the official china news service. There had been fighter planes and reconnaissance planes. The chinese air force had already sent fighter jets and a reconnaissance aircraft on "normal" patrols of the early warning zone the day before.

China has been demanding since saturday that foreign pilots in the zone communicate their flight route, identify themselves and follow any instructions from the chinese air force. Otherwise, they will face military countermeasures. Japan, south korea and the USA, however, do not want to recognize the zone and have since sent aircraft on missions to the disputed sea area without informing beijing. In china, the call grew louder for real action against the planes, as threatened.

State media called for countermeasures against military aircraft from japan, with which china is fighting over a group of islands in the area. The islands, called diaoyu in chinese and senkaku in japanese, are said to have rich fishing grounds and natural resources. The new zone stretches across the rocky islands. "We are ready to engage in a protracted confrontation with japan," wrote the global times newspaper, published by the party organ the people’s newspaper.

U.S. Continues to demonstrate military strength in tensions. The aircraft carrier "USS george washington" cruises off the japanese island of okinawa. The aircraft carrier group, warships, submarines and aircraft of the 7. U.S. Fleet to join japanese forces in long-planned manover, pentagon in washington confirms.

Japan’s prime minister shinzo abe announced his country’s intention to "calmly and steadfastly" deal with the situation. It is planned to cooperate with the allies, other neighboring countries and international organizations. The new chinese zone overlaps with long-established japanese and south korean air surveillance areas in the region. Experts therefore warn of misunderstandings and accidental incidents.

China proposed a crisis mechanism to japan to prevent incidents, the japanese news agency kyodo reported. The proposal was made by former chinese state councilor and minister of state tang jiaxuan at a meeting in peking with delegates from japan. At the same time, he stressed the legitimacy of the new military zone. The japanese had voiced criticism of the zone, but without acting on the proposal, it hailed.

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