Not only on duty at the kirchweih

Not only on duty at the kirchweih

They are especially active at the nenzenheim church fair – but there is always something going on during the year with the local boys from the iphof district as well. Which actually had to change the name to "boys and girls" since a few years, because the nenzenheimer tradition community pays meanwhile also female members in her rows.

At the annual general meeting in the old fire station, the organization of the traditional midsummer bonfire, which will be held on saturday, 22 june, was discussed. June, again "am stockig" in the direction of krassolzheim is rounded off. When the huge campfire crackles and the supply stands with barbecues and cold drinks are waiting, the members of the local fraternity, currently 45 strong, do not wear the characteristic dress of jeans, a woman’s shirt and a tyrolean hat, but come in civilian clothes.

The local boys’ clothing will come out of the closet again on the second weekend in october, when the kirchweih takes place in nenzenheim and the local boys participate in the sunday parade. On kirchweih friday – as was discussed at the meeting – a "kerwafete in a tent" is to be planned on the festival square. The tree setting up one wants to shift this year on saturday.

On 31. August, the local boys have planned a trip to french switzerland to walk the beer trail near aufseb. "Of course, not only members, but all people from nenzenheim are allowed to ride on the bus," emphasized letter leader patrick bach.

Chairman andreas bach was confirmed in his office; deputy is rene pfeuffer; evi kilian takes care of the treasury, secretary is patrick bach. Also in the extended board are the assessors leo kistner, oliver belz, anne schneider and maurice pfeuffer.

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