Rottenbach goes for car sharing

Rottenbach goes for car sharing

Sigrun hannemann "you can rent me!" The lettering on the carsharing bus of the municipality of uttenreuth could soon be seen in rottenbach as well. Last week there was an online survey on the homepage of the municipality of rottenbach to determine the need for a carsharing vehicle.

"We need a turnaround in individual transport, which will enable the mobility of the population in a more flexible way", so the request of the mayor ludwig wahl () in the meeting of the municipal council on wednesday evening, which took place corona conditioned this time in the lohmuhlhalle.

For the first time, a needs assessment was carried out in spring 2018 as part of the future workshop "rottenbach 2030" conducted a survey in which 470 people participated. Of these, 143 could imagine using carsharing, 273 could not and 54 did not give any indication. In the meantime, acceptance of modern mobility concepts has improved.

The new survey already showed on wednesday that 60 percent of the respondents had voted for carsharing. "If I feel that the majority of the people of rottenbach will decide in favor of this, then there is nothing to stop it", said wahl.

Lower costs for users

Frank schulte, municipal employee in the department of family, education and social affairs, has been working on the topic of car sharing in rottenbach since november 2019. He explained advantages and disadvantages of the two different market providers mikar and mobileeee. He explained which two different models of renting are being considered by the community.

Schulte came to the conclusion that, taking into account the main interests of the community and the end consumer, the provider mikar offered more attractive conditions. Although the costs for the municipality are higher, the costs for the user are lower.

For the mayor, it is very important to increase acceptance among rottenbach residents in order to implement a project that benefits climate protection.

"Mikar takes care of all matters concerning the car, including bookings and billing. Damage and repairs are handled without additional expense for the municipality", schulte emphasized.

Sufficient for one family

If citizens decide to use car sharing, all that is left is to find the right type of car. "A nine-seater diesel vehicle like the one in uttenreuth is not to be in rottenbach", so choice. In any case, he advocated an electric vehicle of medium size, which would be sufficient for a family of four to five. The charging station with two charging columns for electric vehicles has already been in place since the town hall square renovation in 2019. The city is considering offering car sharing through the municipal power supply business sector.

Mikar is a nationwide car-sharing provider. After one-time registration via the mikar app, the driver’s license is checked and the bank details entered. Renting and returning the equipment is easy via bluetooth using the app. Once registered, other cars from the micar fleet can be borrowed throughout germany, wherever a vehicle is available.

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