Steinberg musicians touch the soul

Steinberg musicians touch the soul

The typhoon "haiyan left heavy damage in the philippines in november. The pictures of this are hard to forget. On saturday, the steinberg music society made the suffering and destruction tangible once again – in the form of the instrumental piece "soleado. The composition is especially known in germany under the title "tranen lugen nicht, sung by michael holm.

The musicians were so shocked by the natural disaster that they not only performed the work in memory of the many victims, but also donated a part of the proceeds of the concert – 200 euros. The money will go to the bavarian red cross donation account set up on the initiative of the upper franconia media group. BRK will use the money to build a medical care center in the philippines.

"Soleado" was just one of 15 stops on the journey through space and time that the orchestra took with its audience in the kronachtalhalle, which had been redecorated as a festive concert hall. The musicians had been rehearsing for the christmas concert since september. The performers actually presented their music in such a way that you felt you were part of the action. Whether it's sounds from the comic opera ("light cavalry"), world-famous musical melodies such as "evita or "cats" or hits by the beatles – images and stories full of poetry were created in his head. Absolutely amazing!

The highlight of the year
The christmas concert is always the high point of the year for the steinberg music society. A real debut was celebrated by jonas muller, who played a solo on his trombone ("the bavarian polka") for the first time at a concert. He did such a great job that there were even bravos from the audience.

The 15-year-old, who has been playing the trombone for four years, has already passed the D1 performance mark and is currently taking the D2 course. He has been a member of the orchestra for two and a half years now. For him it was his second christmas concert. Before his solo he was – as he admits – very excited. "That's quite different from playing in an orchestra", he said. Jonas' father, the chairman of the music club, daniel muller, also plays trombone. That's how jonas came to play. "My dad used to play, and i liked it so much that i wanted to learn the instrument, too", he betrayed.

Two special guests
Two great guest performances were contributed by pater waldemar brysch (guitar) as well as gottfried grau from grossau (fife). The duo had already performed at the summer concert for the 100th anniversary of the. Anniversary of the parish church of st. Pankratius steinberg thrilled with loeillet de gant's a minor sonata. They now love to play this piece again and also the third movement of the string quartet by luigi boccherini.

Father waldemar, who also played his electric guitar at the christmas concerts for several years, taught himself to play. "I just learned and also copied something from others", he revealed. Gottfried grau received transverse flute lessons at a young age. Then he took a break for many years before he started again. For two years now he has been attending the vocational school for music in kronach, where he is taught by ulrike hunefeld. "I am now back to the stage of a schoolboy as an almost 70-year-old.", he reveals with a smile. At the end there was deservedly big applause and also a strongly applauded encore, namely "silent night".

Carolin muller led through the evening in a charming way, with short explanations of the upcoming play.

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