Superlative champions – fubball capital dortmund

Superlative champions - fubball capital dortmund

Relieved of all pressure, they love to crash the night after the 2:0 (1:0) over borussia monchengladbach. Once again, kevin grobkreutz, who was born in the old and new german fubball capital, turned out to be one of the rude party animals: "this is pure goosebumps. I’m going to celebrate until wednesday and take some time off," the midfielder announced.

Even for the four-course meal at the italian restaurant "piazza navona," most of the professionals appeared slightly exhilarated. The spontaneous festival a few hours earlier in the stadium had left its mark. In front of the south tribune, all the players showered extensively in beer, hugged their partners who had rushed onto the pitch and posed with an oversized plastic championship trophy. With a broad grin, goalkeeper roman weidenfeller continued his cult interview from the previous championship year: "we have already played a terrific season. With the cup victory, they would be even more magnificent," he said, referring to a possible further highlight in berlin in mid-may.

Intoxicated by the euphoria of the fans and the performance of his team, dripping wet soccer teacher jurgen klopp skipped the obligatory press conference: "we haven’t lost in 26 games – that’s crazy."He immediately passed on the many congratulations to his professionals: "i would like to thank zorc, watze and rauball for putting this team together for me. Anybody can coach this team, it has a very special character."

The atmosphere in the dressing room was just as exuberant as on the pitch. In suit pants and shirt, michael zorc took an involuntary full bath in the emersion pool. The players’ mischievousness did nothing to dampen his spirits. The brilliant final spurt of the "insatiable" filled the sports director with pride: "within ten days, we have beaten the second, third, and fourth. There has rarely been a more deserving champion than this season."

Similar to the victories over FC bayern (1:0) and FC schalke 04 (2:1), the defending champions kept their nerve in the showdown against monchengladbach. But the afternoon had started with little promise: franck ribery’s last-minute goal to give munich a 2-1 lead three hours earlier in bremen had not yet fulfilled hopes of an early title decider. "That was a blow for us, but the way the team reacted to it was just awesome," said klopp, commenting on the victory with goals from ivan perisic (23) and ivan perisic (25).) and shinji kagawa (59.).

If the remaining two games against kaiserslautern and freiburg are won, BVB can look forward to another record. Never before has a bundesliga team scored 81 points for the season. The magic already seemed to have begun on 6. Matchday evaporated. Following the 1:2 loss in hanover, the defending champions were down in eleventh place. "I sat motionless on the tribune for 20 minutes. If someone had told me back then that we wouldn’t lose again by the end of the season, I would have said they were crazy," said managing director hans-joachim watzke.

In impressive style, borussia disproved the common theory that only a weak year for the record champions from munich can help others to the title. Black and yellow dominated the direct duels with the title contenders: of the 18 possible scorelines from the games against bayern, schalker and monchengladbach, the champions recorded a remarkable 16 scorelines. Congratulations from munich came on sunday. "Borussia dortmund has played a very good season, the team has shown class and consistency and has therefore deserved to become german champion 2012," declared chairman of the board karl-heinz rummenigge

Compared to last year, which was also a great year, zorc said that the team had grown in maturity: "they don’t just play hurrafubball, they play with a clear plan and a clear strategy."The sports director is not content with winning the title again: "we have the chance to create something historic. In the history of our club, the double has never been won. We can make up for that now," he said, full of hope for the next coup in the cup final against bavaria.

After a season of superlatives, BVB is poised to become the permanent rival of the record champions from munich. Only seven years after the near-insolvency, the experts attest to the once troubled club’s glittering prospects. Captain sebastian kehl looks back on the miraculous success story with humility. "The fact that we have managed to recover like this is a strong one, unparalleled in european fubball. So i’ve also learned a lot as a person," he said in an interview with "bild am sonntag".

Not only the stadium, but the whole city sank into black-yellow bliss. Thousands of supporters had already turned the center into a second borussia arena in the afternoon. After winning the title, the city center was bursting at the seams. Hundreds of cars clogged the city wall. According to police, the night was largely peaceful. But the real title party is still to come: one day after the cup final against munich, the team and fans want to celebrate on the 13th. Celebrating may in dortmund in a very rough way. At the 2011 championship, 400,000 people came to the motorcade.

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