Thanks to the guardian association: a new trampoline for the playground

Thanks to the guardian association: a new trampoline for the playground

The expansion of the playground in baiersdorfer strabe was one of the topics discussed by the municipal council at its most recent meeting. A trampoline and a new water feature are to be purchased here.
"Last year, the gentian guardian association dissolved, the money went to the municipality. The guardian association wanted this to finance the trampoline", reports mayor ludwig nagel () pleased. Three bids were received for the match tickets. The most favorable of these, amounting to 10580 euros, was that of the company eibe from rottingen, which was then also commissioned by the town council to procure the equipment. The grant from the guardian association amounts to 4800 euros.
Since the previous contract with the company pato concept, which is responsible for the billposting in the municipality, has expired, the board had to decide "whether to renew the contract or whether to adopt a statute for it as other municipalities", said nagel.

Less work for the community

In addition, alexander kursawe of pato concept pointed out that they had taken care to remove illegal posters that were still hanging up until 2012. In addition, care will be taken to ensure that all billposting sites are traffic-safe. The advantage for the municipality of hemhofen is that an external service provider takes over both the office work and the billposting work, and the municipality does not have to do any work. "Another advantage is that the clubs in the municipality have a guaranteed free quota and it is favorable for medium-sized businesses to advertise", according to kursawe. "The free contingent for the hemhofen clubs also applies in other communities that we billpost."
The council unanimously agreed that mayor nagel should bring the contract to a conclusion. No by-laws were passed due to the high administrative expenditure.
Then the annual financial statement of the year 2016 was presented. In the year before last, the municipality invested approx. Three million euros. The audit committee found out that the costs for the sewer rehabilitation were higher than estimated. It was noted that during the rehabilitation of the sewer system, the citizens can also have their house connections inspected. The municipal council approved the annual financial statements.
For the property in the drosselstabe 17 an informal preliminary building application was submitted. Here, the applicant wanted to build a single-family house that would be erected outside the building limits specified in the development plan. In addition, the house is to have a hipped roof with a pitch of 22 degrees. The municipal council approved the application for a building permit, since houses with hipped roofs had already been built in the area of drosselstrabe.

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