The burgerbus is well received by the elderly

The burgerbus is well received by the elderly

Half past two, the burger bus leaves. The first tour of the afternoon begins at hammelburg's market square. Brigitte bauer steps on the gas. It goes in the direction of obereschenbach. Werner hoffmann is also on board. He is very happy that the burgerbus exists.

Otherwise he had to take a neighbor or the regional bus, says the 69-year-old. "Besides, the drivers here are nicer and you can also chat a bit." Arriving in obereschenbach, a woman is already waiting for the VW bus, which has a total of five seats. "I have been using the burgerbus since it started", maria lutz tells. She wants to go shopping in the city center, to do errands and she has to go to the bank.

Up to the haustur

The journey continues. Werner hoffmann gets off in untereschenbach, thanks her and says goodbye. But first he makes the money box in the bus ring. The driver, brigitte bauer, wonders whether there will be two regulars at the next stop. "We know our people, she says, "and often drives them right up to the front door." The volunteer drivers also like to carry the heavy horns. "We offer an all-round service."

And sure enough, two women are waiting in the shade a little away from the bus stop. It is very hot, there is no wind. Brigitte bauer gets out, opens the door and provides a small ladder. She helps you get in and then takes the wheel again.

"Strapped in?", she asks to the back. Then the minibus rolls up again. 68-year-old elisabeth oswald is on the way with her daughter heike. You use the burgerbus regularly. "The stops of the regional buses are much further away. Normally, no one helps you get on, she says. At 13 o'clock sharp.50 o'clock the burgerbus arrives at the market place in hammelburg. Again brigitte bauer helps to get out of the car. Then it's time for a short break.

Extra rides are also included

At 14.30 o'clock, the journey continues in the direction of rod. The heat has become even more oppressive. Brigitte bauer makes her rounds. Because an elderly woman, who almost always rides along, doesn't wait at the bus stop, she drives directly to her house. Honking twice. The woman opens the door, but waves the bus on: "today is just too hot for me", she says with a laugh. So the ride to the rod and back to the marketplace remains empty.

Not so the trip to fuchsstadt: brigitte bauer takes two passengers from there to hammelburg city center. According to the timetable, it will take more than half an hour to get to ober- and untereschenbach. But the break is interrupted when two elderly women ask whether the burgerbus also makes an extra trip to untererthal for them. "Of course we do. Why should I wait here when I can drive people home?, answers the driver.

She has been driving the burgerbus for more than a year, usually once a week. Brigitte bauer likes to help other people and have contact with them. "Otherwise I would be bored", says the pensioner, who is also a member of the cafe hoffnung team.

4 p.M. Sharp, the church bells are ringing. The burgerbus takes off. Maria lutz is also back. She has done all her errands in town and is happy to be driven home again. Brigitte bauer offers to take her to the front of the house. "You don't have to do that if you're in a hurry", replies maria lutz. "No, no, we already have the time." The 69-year-old gets off the bus ten minutes later and has only a few meters to go home. For brigitte bauer, there are still two stretches on the plan.

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