The pfistner couple is proud of 60 years of marriage

The pfistner couple is proud of 60 years of marriage

The effeltrich couple irene and hans pfistner are proud of 60 years of marriage together. They met in dobenreuth at a dance in the fire station.

The jubilarian was born in gosberg, her husband was born in effeltrich. Both spent their childhood and school years in their hometowns. While irene helped out on her parents’ farm, hans learned the trade of farmer on his parents’ farm.

On tuesday, 11. January 1958, they were installed in the parish church st. Georg effeltrich married by pastor georg jung. Irene, who is now 79, still remembers how the pastor used to pick her up at home and take her to church. "That was something very special at the time", she says.

When hans took over his parents’ farm, they built up their livelihood with special crops and fruit tree cultivation. At that time, according to irene pfistner, agriculture was in a very good position, viable: "we could live on it."

Their life is agriculture and they still enjoy their work today. In december 1958 their daughter maria was born, followed by their sons rainer and michael. They have raised three children and they have five grandchildren and two great-grandchildren.

Both also had fun in the clubs. While irene pfistner with the "singing peasants her husband had been a member of the women’s association for many years, had been vice-chairman of the fruit tree growers’ cooperative, had worked for 30 years in the church administration, and had been a secretary for the vdk social association. He was for years a collector for the action "help heal wounds" on the road.

Both of them are also very concerned about the needs of the community. As members of the trachtenverein, they wear the effeltrich costume on special occasions throughout the year.

But what is the "secret"? Of such a long marriage? "We talked a lot", says the husband "and took care of each other", the wife, whereupon hans pfistner means: "young freed, never regretted! That’s how it was in the past, that’s how it is with us."

What the two wish for the feast? That they stay healthy and have a few more years together. This was also the wish of deputy district administrator otto siebenhaar (), mayor kathrin heimann (DEL) for the municipality of effeltrich, and pastor jurgen dellermann, who celebrated the service of thanksgiving for the couple. The local associations, neighbors, friends and acquaintances were among the congratulators.

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