The shoes and the hardware store

The shoes and the hardware store

My favorite thing was to just replace my favorite shoes whenever they were worn out. Same shape, same color. Only in new.

Once again, i left the shoe store somewhat frustrated: the shoe that you can walk miles in without looking too much like a hiking boot, that is tight enough for rainy weather but airy enough to prevent sweat, that matches the color and style of jeans and light linen pants, the red cardigan, the green blouse and the rust red shirt…. You can already see: it is not easy.
After buying shoes I went to the hardware store. Two energy-saving lamps, one pack of lightning cement, one pack of vacuum cleaner bags. Quickly. Uncomplicated. But also confusing: the whole construction market was full of women. A former colleague who bought curtain rods. A good acquaintance who wanted to exchange something.

Women carrying coarse pots of hydrangea, scarifiers, buckets of wall paint, dubel and barbecue charcoal.
Since then I have been grumbling. About my world view in general. And about prejudices regarding certain shopping preferences in particular. Maybe a man who really likes to buy shoes can come forward? We were able to straighten all kinds of things.

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