Tours off the beaten track

tours off the beaten track

The half of the popular "summer trips" of the historical association county habberge is over. A few years ago, committee member burkard hauck came up with a tour that included objects that are not on the agenda for the usual visits. The focus of this year's travel dates so far has been the district town of habfurt and its immediate surroundings.

So first of all, the 16. I visited the house of the kehl family in the upper main street, which dates back to the nineteenth century, where the "hare's pharmacy" was located is located. The next item on the agenda was a visit to the former cistercian monastery of mariaburghausen, which is actually called "marburghausen" hieb, as association chairman wolfgang jager explained to the interested listeners. Already in 1582 the convent of marburghausen was abolished by prince bishop julius echter, jager continues. Finally, we visited the recently occupied new building of the district court, which can only be accessed via a security gate.

Separated by denominations

The next trip goes to the ebener land, namely to jesserndorf. The small town with about 200 inhabitants is predominantly catholic, but the protestant part of the population is also not insignificant. Both denominations have their own church and until the 60s of the 20. At the beginning of the twentieth century, there was even a separate school for the protestant and the catholic burghers. Even the innkeepers were predominantly segregated by denomination.

Deviating from the usual regulation, this date will not take place on thursday, but on friday, august 17. August, instead. Participants meet on site at the already landscaped village square of jesserndorf at 5 p.M.

Invited are – as always at events of the historical society – not only club members, everyone interested can participate in the sightseeing tours off the known routes.

Visit of the convent sisters

Destination of the trip next thursday, 23. August, the riedberg district of kreuzthal, formerly known as "sturs", is and the seat of the marburghauser klosterschwestern is.

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