Wallburg secondary school students convince with the laser

Wallburg secondary school students convince with the laser


The junior company of the walldorf-realschule in eltmann "D!Box", the company, which manufactures high-quality stainless steel snack boxes, was invited to take part in the state competition for the ten best junior companies in bavaria. The junior company emerged from the competition as the third national winner and was presented with a special award for its efforts.

Alongside the junior trade fair, the state competition is the highlight of the project year, where junior entrepreneurs meet and show the public what successes and experiences they have had in their school business. After the schools of the company "D!Box" when wallburg-realschule received the news at the beginning of march that they had made it into the top ten junior companies in bavaria, they were very pleased. However, it soon became clear that the competition could not take place on site in munich due to the corona crisis, and that the competition with a changed concept could only take place purely digitally.

Digital competition

The program quickly responded to the changed situation and called for a "digital competition" into life. This consisted of a questionnaire containing about 20 questions from the areas of business idea, marketing, target groups and customers, pricing and financial planning, communication and organization. This was then processed in the various divisions of the school company.

All the young entrepreneurs met with their teachers susanne muller and marion dirscherl via video conference to discuss the content of the five-minute video to be presented to the jury. They agreed on the topic "how can we use our cans during corona time??"

The variety of uses was amazing and ranged from a pencil box, cable box for cell phone charging cables, to use as a cress bed and nail bath bowl, to a mouth and nose guard storage box for current mask use. Of course, the true purpose was also shown, namely the lunch box. An important point in the video should also be the sustainability of the product, and the lunch boxes in particular lead to enormous waste avoidance.

Cooperation with company

The video also showed that such high-quality lunch boxes can only be individually labeled with the help of lasers. So the footage of the students at work in the "production facility" was certainly impressive in ebelsbach could look over their shoulders. The ceratonia company in ebelsbach had been attacked in the run-up to the event. Business sponsor adrian dumpert was on hand to advise and assist the schoolchildren, enabling them to produce cans with individually selectable designs.

Now it was just a matter of turning these ideas and individual steps, such as selling the products at markets and sales exhibitions, into a "presentation film" to cut together what was done by philipp muth. Given the non-school phase in the "corona era," this was an enormous challenge an enormous challenge, because in the beginning we didn't really know how to manage this competition without a meeting at school.

Versatility and sustainability

The preparation lessons of the schoolchildren from grade 9. Class showed its effect. The video production, a ten-page business report and the processing of the questionnaire led to the news from munich that they had become the third state winner in bavaria.

Laudator director patrick gelsdorf presented the "stainless steel boxes" on behalf of the jury the idea of sustainability and thus making a contribution to the prevention of mulling. "The jury was impressed by the high level of commitment and dedication shown by the school company. The convincing presentation in the video and the various possible uses of their stainless steel boxes were the deciding factors for third place."

At the wallburg-realschule in eltmann, too, all the students of the junior company "D!Box" as well as the supervising teachers susanne muller and marion dirscherl were very proud of this third place, especially since the schools from eltmann were by far the youngest participants in this competition – and this fact was also explicitly emphasized by the jury.

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