Where the excavators may soon be rolling

Where the excavators may soon be rolling

There is a major investor who has signaled basic interest in a commercial building project near the traffic circle at the entrance to unterlauter coming from the direction of coburg. This request for a commercial area was presented to the municipal council at its meeting on thursday. It was discussed. Then the council members agreed to a possible designation of a commercial area in this area.

All should be aware that this is not yet a decision to change the land use plan or the establishment of a possible development plan. Mayor karl kolb (upw) had some information, but not too much yet. He reported that the county’s economic demand had approached the municipality with an inquiry as to whether the establishment of a larger commercial enterprise there was conceivable. Kolb emphasized: "the potential investor, however, did not want to be named or his plans made public until his final decision had been made."

Talking to property owners

But what has already been done: the municipal administration has contacted the owners of the land in question before the meeting date. These had signaled their interest in selling, said kolb. On this basis, the council unanimously instructed the administration to pursue the plan for a new commercial area on the outskirts of unterlauter and to carry out the necessary preliminary work for the initiation of a procedure. And that even independent of a surcharge of the investor. Municipal manager cedric lindner noted that this would require, among other things, soil investigations.

Mayor karl kolb emphasized that he would of course make sure that all investments there would be particularly sustainable and conducive to the positive development of the community. "I think a new business park at this location – also for other interested parties – would be a good thing for the future of our community", he said.

Wicklein: it’s time for a criteria catalogue

Local councillor dr. Bernd wicklein (upw) suggested to let the administration work out a criteria catalog for future commercial as well as private building areas in the community. On the basis of this, an even better and transparent pre-consultation of the building ideas of potential builders could then take place. "They will then know exactly what we as a community have in mind in terms of design and sustainability. This concerns, among other things, photovoltaic and green plants. In the future, we should put a stop to the stonewalls around houses and buildings", explained wicklein.

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