Wolfgang hoderlein leads tc stadtsteinach

Wolfgang hoderlein leads tc stadtsteinach

Deputy chairman is tobias sesselmann, secretary annalena schroppel and treasurer roland geist.

Wolfgang hoderlein recalled the main initiator of the association, honorary chairman norbert stockel. In a true tour de force, five tennis courts with a sports center and a restaurant were built, and a tennis hall was added a few years later. "Today, we can only congratulate all those who were responsible back then for rocking the boat like that."

On the tc's financial situation, hoderlein said: "things are in order, we can service our debts and put in order the things that need to be put in order for the current maintenance."

Membership fees are not enough
The stadtsteinach tennis club has made a significant contribution with the solar system and the I have taken over the association with debts of more than one million marks and without a cent in any account.

Roland geist was appointed honorary member of the TC stadtsteinach at the members' meeting for his services. He was at the helm of the association for twelve years. "At that time there was no one to take the chair with the precarious financial situation. I took over the club with a debt of over a million marks and without a cent in any account. Our debts are now halved, our liabilities covered by our fixed assets."

"Absolute stroke of luck"
Geist had already announced his resignation a year and a half ago: "after twelve years, you're just empty and you don't get any more new impetus. In business life it is different from in an association, because as chairman you are a lone fighter. Our wolfgang hoderlein is an absolute stroke of luck for the TC stadtsteinach."

The meeting was also attended by district administrator klaus peter sollner and mayor roland wolfrum.

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