Youth hostels record significant decline in guest numbers in june

youth hostels record significant decline in guest numbers in june

The number of visitors to youth hostels and lodges has plummeted as a result of the corona crisis. In june, the accommodation facilities recorded about 83 percent fewer guests compared to the same month last year, according to the federal statistical office in wiesbaden.

A total of around 164,000 guest registrations had been made. In june 2019 it had been good 955 500. In june 2020, 1331 youth hostels and lodges were open nationwide, according to the information provided. That was almost 71 percent of the operations compared to the level of the previous year month.

The loss of revenue was reported to be higher than in the hotel industry. In june, youth hostels and lodges recorded a good 66 percent less revenue than in the same month last year, adjusted for prices. But the sales trend seems to have bottomed out.

But the youth hostels’ hopes for the coming autumn months, with the traditionally important class trip business, are dampened. Because despite the return to regular operation in schools, multi-day class and study trips will remain suspended beyond the end of 2020 due to corona, according to statisticians in several federal states.

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